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2020 Madison County Commissioner District 1

2020 Madison County Commissioner District 1

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    Tom Brandon

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Would you want Home Rule for the County Commission? If so, what would you do to work to achieve this? If not, why not?

What ideas or plans do you have to increase and/or sustain economic growth and development in your district?

Do you feel that it is important for all citizens to have a voice in their local government? How will you work to engage citizens?

What skills, expertise and talents do you feel will most inform your decision making during your term in office?

What ideas or plans do you have to improve or maintain a high quality of life in your district e.g. recreational and entertainment spaces, public roads and services, etc.?

Home Rule would allow the Madison County Commission to make decision about county matters in the same way that cities decide on matters that are within the city limits. The County Commission should not have to go through legislation passed by the Legislature to allow it to manage duties at a county level. Those who are directly involved at a local level have a better understanding of the needs of the county than those at the Legislature level. The County Commission should educate and inform those of Madison County of the importance of such a move. I believe the County Commission should continue to petition the legislative delegation to pass a proposed constitutional amendment to allow voters in the unincorporated areas the opportunity to vote on giving the commission "home rule" powers.
With the growth that Madison County is experiencing currently, there needs to be wise usage of the tax dollars that make up the budget for the county. Careful planning and prioritizing of projects must be a part of the process. People will not continue to move into the county if they quality of life that they want can not be achieved or maintained. Priorities such as housing and infrastructure, quality educational opportunities, and green space such as parks, ball fields and other recreational facilities must be a part of the over all plan.
All those of the community should have a voice. In a time where most people have social media, e-mail, and the internet in general, it can be utilized to help keep the community abreast of what is happening and give them an opportunity to have a voice. Also, meetings with local school organizations such as the PTO.
As a retired educator of over 35 years I have worked in teaching, coaching, transportation and in advisory committees, such as the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee. In these positions I dealt with and listened to the needs of individuals, on a daily basis, working to find solution for not only the individual but for the community at large. With such a long history of working with and along side the people of District 1 I have a relationship and understanding of the people and the needs of District 1. I have also spent over 25yrs leading teams into foreign countries bring humanitarian and educational opportunities to such countries as Ukraine, Peru, Costa Rica, and Tanzania. Each one requiring a understanding of leadership, team development, and budget planning.
Opportunities continue to increase in Madison County and with that comes the need to entice those outside of the area to move here. Madison County in response must offer a quality of life that draws families to the area. That quality of life is found in housing and adequate infrastructure that supports a community. It is found in quality educational opportunities. Finally, it found in green space and recreation opportunities for themselves and their children. These factors can only be maintained and developed through cooperation of the community, vision by the County Commission and careful planning as the Commission works within the framework of the budget they have developed.