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Representative to US Congress - District 12

Responsibilities: To represent the people of Ohio, their district, and the United States in dealing with matters of national and international importance. The general welfare should be a prime concern.

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Given our experience with COVID-19, what precautions would you put in place to allow for safe, secure elections whereby voters are not choosing between their health and their right to vote, especially in November. Include how you would fund any necessary precautions and changes.

What solutions do you propose to address challenges, especially inequities, in the healthcare system?

Where do you stand on efforts to protect our water, air and land? Include how you would address climate change.

Describe what you will do to work across political differences to solve problems.

US Phone Number (614) 392-2992
Age 58
Education Muskingum University Ohio State University
DOB 58
City Residence Zanesville
Family 1 son, Joshua
Work Experience Troy has served as the Congressman for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District since 2018. He previously served in both the Ohio Senate, chairman of the powerful Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and as a member of the Senate Finance Committee, as well as the Ohio House of Representatives. Before holding public office, Troy gained experience by operating both his family-owned small business and farm.
Affiliations Member of the House Agriculture Committee, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, House Small Business Committee, and House Science, Space, and Technology Committee
Endorsements U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Ohio State Medical Association, Act Ohio
Twitter @Troy_Balderson
I encourage voters to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, including wearing face masks and socially distancing when going outside is necessary, and staying inside when possible. No one should have to choose between their health and their right to vote. All Ohioans have the option to vote by absentee ballot, and both the U.S. Postal Service and Ohio’s Secretary of State have assured that our election in 2020 will remain free and fair—regardless of how citizens cast their ballots. I stand behind free and fair elections and will do everything in my power to ensure American elections remains this way.
We must repeal and replace Obamacare once and for all. I have consistently voted to keep Obamacare out of Ohio and am committed to a healthcare system that respects the freedom of every American, keeping healthcare decisions between patients and doctors, while still protecting those with pre-existing conditions. Now as Washington radicals move even further towards a government takeover, it will take committed leadership to keep your healthcare decisions in your own hands, not the government’s.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m proud of my successful efforts to help expand the services of telehealth nationwide, including right here at home in Ohio. Seeing the success our nation has had with telemedicine in recent months, I am continuing to push for the permanent, responsible expansion of telehealth nationwide, as well as expanded access to broadband internet to support these services.
I grew up working on my family’s farm and am an avid marathoner, cyclist, and biker. Simply put, I love the great outdoors, and as a Christian, believe we are called to be good stewards of our God-given Earth. Protecting our great outdoors should not come at the expense of imposing unnecessary restrictions, red tape, and financial burdens on America’s businesses—particularly our small businesses with fewer resources and capital. I’m committed to continuing working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to address solutions that ensure a healthy environment for all Ohioans and a productive business environment.
Rather than explaining what I would do, I’m happy to share my bipartisan work representing Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. First and foremost, I forged a wonderful relationship with one of my colleagues, Jason Crow, from Colorado. Together, he and I are the leading members of the House Subcommittee on Innovation and Workforce Development. After many successes together, we joined the bipartisan Civility and Respect Caucus together—a “Noah’s Arc” caucus that requires members from each side of the aisle join together. The vast majority of bills I sponsor are bipartisan, and I enjoy positive relationships with colleagues on both sides of the aisle, as I believe we have much more in common than CNN or Fox would have you believe. Just look at my record with Democratic Congressman Cindy Axne, who I’ve worked with on many occasions to champion the expansion of telehealth. I recently launched a podcast series “Troy Talks” that highlights my long record of bipartisan successes.
US Phone Number (614) 313-8365
Age 41
Education Bachelors Degree in Journalism
DOB 41
City Residence Liberty Twp
Family Husband Seth, Children Benjamin, Lily, Cohen, Foster
Work Experience Reporter and News Anchor for 610 WTVN and WCOL, Radio Personality for WNCI, Web Copywriter, Small Business Owner, Founder of Together Digital, National Women's Organization
Affiliations Democrat
Endorsements - American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees (AFSCME Council 8) - National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC) - Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE National) - International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF Local 67) - United Auto Workers (UAW) - Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) - Individual Community Leaders: Sam Shim, Heather Karr, Joe Begeny, Angie Jenkins, Shanette Strickland, Bhuwan Pyakurel, Meredith Lawson-Rowe, Gretchen Fathauer, Josh Koehler, Zach Klein, Mike Brown, Liz Brown, Fran Ryan, Rick Neal, John Russell - Moms Demand Action - Students for Gun Safety - Franklin County Democratic Party - Muskingum County Democratic Party - Muskingum County Democratic Women’s Club - Ohio Democratic Party
Bar Association Ratings N/A
Twitter @VoteAlaina2020
No one should feel that their life is in danger when they go to vote, and nothing should keep someone from exercising their right to vote. At this point, there is not really adequate time to make sweeping changes. However, there are several things that the State Legislature or Secretary of State could still do to make voting more accessible and less risky. We should ensure that each county has more than one secure ballot drop box. Ballots need to have pre-paid postage, and the deadline for ballots to be returned should be evaluated in light of USPS delays. We also have an obligation to fix issues that affect voter suppression every year - we need to address voter roll purges, signature requirements, and the creation of online ballot request forms, to name a few. Voting should be safe, secure, and accessible.
Like millions of Americans, I am overwhelmed by medical bills and health insurance costs for our family. It shouldn't be this way. My opponent has voted 8 times to take away your healthcare. My father was a family doctor in Delaware, and he never turned away anyone who couldn't pay. He taught me that health care is fundamental - you can't work, you can't parent, you can't contribute to society if you're sick. Every American deserves good healthcare they can afford. I will fight to restore and expand the ACA so that everyone has the choice to be covered under a public option, including those with pre-existing conditions. I will work to make sure that the Department of Health and Human Services can negotiate drug prices, which will lower the price of Insulin and other prescription drugs. I will also fight to increase funding to rural hospitals, and ensure that rural areas have broadband infrastructure so that they can utilize telehealth services.
Climate Change is happening and we need to face the problem, not run in the other direction. Our kids, our grandkids, and every generation after that deserve to be able to live a safe, healthy life on this planet.

The United States has the power to incentivize a shift on a global scale. I fully support re-entering the Paris Climate Accords and will do everything I can to reverse the deregulations my opponent has vehemently supported. I also support job creation to expand renewable energy revenues for the United States. We have a unique opportunity in central Ohio to be on the forefront of this shift to renewable energy resources, while maintaining and growing our workforce and creating living-wage, union protected jobs.
We all want progress. There is not one of us that is not touched by the division in Washington. For the past 4 years, I have built a national network for women in digital and tech. I brought women from both sides of the political aisle together to combat the issues that we face as women in the workplace. For us, it was not political - that was the secret. When we take partisan politics out of it and focus on the people being affected, we can and will solve the pressing issues. I have proven that I am able to do that, while my opponent is part of the partisan problem. If elected, I would be representing a very diverse and moderate district. I will be obligated to work across the aisle by the Independents and Republicans who vote for me. I am an Ohioan, and Ohioans know how to compromise to get things done, but we never compromise on our values. I can not wait to take more of Ohio to Washington.
US Phone Number (614) 968-8662
City Residence Gahanna, OH
Work Experience John Stewart spent a successful career in the trucking industry that has benefitted four generations of the Stewart family.
Twitter @electjstewart
The State of Ohio has several options for safely participating in our elections. In addition to providing safe locations for voting on the designated election day, the local board of election provide a month of early in-person absentee voting at their offices, and mail-in absentee voting that can be mailed or hand delivered.
The day we citizens confused the difference between health insurance and health care is the day our health care system began to unravel. Insurance is a third party payer, which is a problem. Reduce the role of the third-party payer by removing the deduction for all health insurance, both the tax exemption that gives an advantage to employer sponsored insurance and the personal deduction. Increase the threshold above which the tax payer can deduct on personal returns, but remove any cap for deductions above the threshold. Let HSA accounts be used for expenses below the threshold. Continue to let HSA contributions be tax free but remove the requirement for high deductible insurance plans. Pre-existing conditions should not be mandated. If they are mandated, it is not insurance. In a free, open and competitive market, some insurance companies would offer coverage for certain pre-existing conditions, and price the risk accordingly.
Respecting private property has been shown to be the most effective and least costly way to protect our natural resources. Damaging pollution only persists when local, state and federal governments look the other way or sanction the unhealthy activity. When a business or individual causes harm to the property of another they are liable for the consequences and it is the role of government to act a fair and unbiased arbiter in the dispute. When an industry is surrounded by neighbors, even many miles away, who are harmed by carelessness, those neighbors are empowered by their rights as property owners to seek compensation.
I will work with anyone who is willing to discuss our problems and come to mutually agreeable solutions. Inform consent is the only way to educate, collaborate and move forward.