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    Michael Guest

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In February 2019, 31 hospitals in Mississippi were identified as "at risk of closing." That's 48% of public hospitals and the highest percentage of at-risk hospitals in any state. What will you do to insure the long-term access to healthcare for citizens in Mississippi?

All national rankings of quality of educational services continue to rank our state at or near the bottom. What will you do to help Mississippi change this and provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12 if elected as our federal representative?

In your opinion, what is the effect of money in politics? What changes, if any, would you propose, and what difference would these changes make?

What measures do you support to improve voter engagement and secure elections and voting in the United States?

Do you see areas where you could work on bi-partisan measures to solve issues?

What are your goals and priorities if elected or re-elected to office?

Mailing Address PO Box 470
Brandon, MS 39043
Twitter @GuestCongress
Qualifications Currently serving as Congressman for the people of Mississippi's 3rd District. Previously served for 11 years as District Attorney for Madison and Rankin Counties. Accounting degree from Mississippi State University. Law degree from the University of Mississippi. Married to the former Haley Kennedy of Brandon; two sons, Kennedy and Patton.
I have prioritized rural health care in my work in Congress. In August of 2019, I co-hosted a Rural Healthcare Summit to gather Mississippi healthcare stakeholders for a forum to discuss best practices and opportunities to address out state's rural health needs. I have cosponsored legislation that would ensure sustainability of our state's Critical Access Hospitals and have supported continued payments that are important to the viability of Mississippi's hospitals. Additionally, Mississippi is a national leader in telehealth, which is an important part of the solution for access to needed services in underserved communities. I have cosponsored legislation that would further the use of telehealth to continue enabling Mississippians to stay in their local hospitals and obtain the care they need. I will continue to make healthcare a priority.
I’m optimistic about the positive news and progress being made in our schools in Mississippi. With some of the lowest unemployment rates, lowest high school dropout rates, and highest high school graduation rates on record recently reported, those are all signs of progress being made by our local and state officials as they work with teachers, parents, and administrators to educate our children. I am also encouraged about public school teacher salaries being raised last year and what’s being proposed for another pay raise this year, and I believe this will result in retaining and attracting teachers for the future. I will continue working on the federal level to support local control and local decision-making when it comes to our public schools in Mississippi.
Political campaigns by nature are expensive. Whether it’s a local election, a congressional district or a statewide race, all campaigns require candidates to raise and expend resources to deliver their message to voters through advertising and other forms of communication. Citizens have the right to make their voices heard in support of their preferred candidate in a variety of ways, including making a donation to the candidate they support. We need to encourage a participatory process that includes people donating to candidates and getting involved in campaigns in non-monetary ways, such as making phone calls or walking door-to-door. When it comes to campaign finance rules, I support transparency and making sure people have the right to know who is contributing and how much is being given to candidates.
It is critically important that we have fair elections in our country. I believe measures like Voter ID are essential to ensuring we protect the integrity of elections. State and local officials spend a lot of time preparing and running elections and we need to support their efforts. I believe Mississippi’s Voter ID law has been very successful since it was implemented in 2014. That’s a credit to the leadership of our state who worked hard to get that law passed and implemented. Additionally, I will work on the federal level to be vigilant about stopping foreign interference in our state and federal elections.
There are many opportunities for bi-partisan agreement. From an economic standpoint, working on trade agreements like the USMCA and similar initiatives will open up markets for Mississippi farmers and businesses. From a national defense standpoint, there are bi-partisan ways of supporting our men and women in the military who are protecting our freedom at home and abroad. And from a border security perspective, I believe we can find common ground because it’s a national security issue of the utmost importance.
My overall goal is to represent the conservative values of Mississippians in the United States Congress. That means supporting measures to protect our Constitutional rights and liberties including religious freedom, advocating for the right to life of the unborn, and protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. I will continue to focus on free market solutions to growing our economy through lower taxes and fewer regulations, strong border security, and supporting our Armed Forces and the incredible job they do protecting our freedoms every day.