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    Jimmy Edwards

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In February 2019, 31 hospitals in Mississippi were identified as "at risk of closing." That's 48% of public hospitals and the highest percentage of at-risk hospitals in any state. What will you do to insure the long-term access to healthcare for citizens in Mississippi?

All national rankings of quality of educational services continue to rank our state at or near the bottom. What will you do to help Mississippi change this and provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12 if elected as our federal representative?

In your opinion, what is the effect of money in politics? What changes, if any, would you propose, and what difference would these changes make?

What measures do you support to improve voter engagement and secure elections and voting in the United States?

Do you see areas where you could work on bi-partisan measures to solve issues?

What are your goals and priorities if elected or re-elected to office?

Campaign Phone (662) 242-6758
Qualifications Former teacher. Master's degree in Education. Bachelor's degree in Mathematics.
The issues of at-risk hospitals would better be addressed by our state legislature in Jackson. There is active discussion and debate in the current legislative sessioin focusing on elminiating laws pertaining to Certificates of Need (CON laws). As healthcare is a 10th Amendment issue best left to individual states, I would seek a complete repeal of legislation passed during the Obama administration and allow states complete control of healthcare exchanges. Regarding Medicaid, I would offer it to families who need it the most (MAGI at no more than 100 percent of the Poverty Line, with each state determining its Poverty Line). I would also enhance Medicare and Tricare where beneficiaries could purchase a private plan at a lower rate than either of these programs charge. Finally, to attract medical practicioners to stay in Mississippi upon completing formal training, I would allow them to serve in the National Guard/Reserve while practicing full-time as civilian practicioners.
I will propose legislation to shut down the Department of Education in Washington DC within ten years. Education is an issue best left to the states per the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. During this ten year window, I will mandate that the Department of Education designate 60 percent of their funds to developing career and technical education in the secondary schools. Many employment opportunities exist in Mississippi that do not require a Bachelor's degree; and I want youth to know about these career pathways. The remaining 40 percent of federal funds would provide remedial support in Language Arts and Mathematics, focusing on districts where proficiency in these disciplines is the lowest.
I would prohibit lobbyists, special interest groups, and corporations from donating to political campaigns. This is a main reason we have elected officials making a career in elective office. Many legislators, in return for said donations, are forced to pass legislation to favor these contributors--often resulting in the legislators earning more income than what their legislative salaries are. These are reasons I would support term limits, giving all Americans the opportunity to pursue elective office at state levels--not just those with deep pockets of cash. I strongly believe this is consistent with what our Founding Fathers envisioned for our Republic.
I support existing laws that require a picture ID in order to cast votes at a polling precinct. I also support the work of local Election Commissioners in our municipalities ensuring that all elections are fair and without controversy. To improve voter engagement, I am willing to debate the other candidates vying for my seat in the General Election. Another strategy I would use to engage voters is to encourage independents and those who support third parties to build coalitions to attract more supporters, especially with many voters feeling that you have to support either the Democrats or Republicans to get your voices heard.
Such areas would include taxation, education, the environment, healthcare, immigration, military, and Social Security.
The five major emphases of my campaign are healthcare reform, Social Security reform, scope/size of the Federal government, education/economic development, and tax reform.