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What is your stand on protecting the environment? Are you against the plan to dump chemical filled water from coal mines into the Big Muddy River?

What is your stand on promoting renewable energy? Continued tax support for renewables such as wind power and/or solar?

Would you support legislation that would require municipalities to seek the approval of their citizens for privatization of any public utility through referendums?

Would you support legislation to monitor and control run-off from large scale animal farms?

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I have been an active part of the effort to try to prevent the dumping of waste into the Big Muddy. I am an environmental activist, for my entire adult life. I am a member of the Green Party for a reason. You can count on my resolute and active opposition to poisoning the environment.
I converted my own house to solar this year. Green energy is a basic priority for me and my party. I oppose the continued development and especially governmental underwriting of fossil fuels. I favor green solutions to all energy problems for the long term, and the use of traditional energy only to the degree it is absolutely unavoidable.
Definitely. Consent of the governed is basic. Privatization is suspicious.
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We need a sober and measured approach to protecting the environment. I do not support radicalism. Everyone wants clean water and clean air, but radical ideas such as the Green New Deal and the CEJA plan at the state level will hurt working families and do irreparable harm to our communities. As to the Williamson Energy LLC''s Pond Creek Mine''s permit request - it is in the hands of the Illinois EPA. I will happily meet with both sides of this issue and based on facts, I will decide my involvement.
The rolling brownouts in California are all the evidence we need to see that renewable energy is not sufficient at this time to meet our energy needs. We need safe, reliable and affordable energy. The heat wave in California is deadly for seniors who are being forced to keep their air conditioners at 78 degrees. I am all for the development of wind and solar energy, but the money to do this must come from the private sector - not the public sector. Illinois has a backlog of unpaid bills of nearly $8 billion. We need to get our financial house in order instead of using taxpayer dollars to support wind and solar companies that cannot survive in the open market. 
No. We have a representative form government in Illinois. Voters elect people to office to make decisions like this. If we have to put every decision up for a vote - what is the point of electing people to office in the first place? Voters concerned about these issues need to find out where their city council candidates stand and vote accordingly.
I believe current laws are adequate. 
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