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  • Monica J. Bristow

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    Amy Elik

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How would you address Illinois' revenue shortfall, especially in light of COVID-19, including plans to raise more revenue and how to prioritize spending?

Do you support the Fair Tax (graduated rate income tax) amendment?

What measures will you support for equitable redistricting?

What is your position on vote by mail and would you support a universal vote by mail for Illinois?

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Once again, Democrats proved they were not serious about budgeting when they approved a $5 billion out-of-balance budget for this fiscal year. Due to years of fiscal mismanagement, Illinois is facing a budget crisis made worse by the ongoing pandemic. To stop the bleeding and get the State on a better financial course, Illinois needs to focus on legislation that will promote business growth, which will lead to more revenue. The General Assembly must end the practice of legislative pay raises, which they have given themselves the last two years. Instead, we need to prioritize spending on our most vulnerable populations, including seniors and low-income families, as well as on education through the new funding formula.
I do not support changing the Constitution from its current flat tax to a graduated income tax. Illinoisans already suffer under a tremendous overall tax burden, and additional increases only encourage more families and businesses to leave the state. Not only are there no protections for middle class families in the graduated income tax proposal, but even our State Treasurer has admitted it also opens the door for a tax on retirement income, which I am strongly against. Springfield politicians raised the income tax twice in recent years, yet it has done nothing to get spending under control or to a place where Illinois can pay its bills on time. Now, those same politicians are asking taxpayers to make it easier to raise taxes.
The current process for district map drawing is simply not working. When one party can dictate how the maps look for a decade, they give themselves an unfair advantage. The system is broken. As state representative, I will support measures such as the Fair Maps Amendment which would place a bipartisan, independent commission in charge of drawing the maps. We need to make sure that everyone can have a voice and a chance to elect the candidate of their choice.
During these trying times, vote by mail is a safe option for many who may be at risk; however, for it to work properly we must ensure that ballot integrity remains a priority for all those involved in the electoral process. I continue to believe that voting on Election Day remains the best option to participate in voting.