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State House District 104

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    Cynthia E. Cunningham

  • Mike Marron

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How would you address Illinois' revenue shortfall, especially in light of COVID-19, including plans to raise more revenue and how to prioritize spending?

Do you support the Fair Tax (graduated rate income tax) amendment?

What measures will you support for equitable redistricting?

What is your position on vote by mail and would you support a universal vote by mail for Illinois?

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Government spending can drive the recovery and bolster the economy during the pandemic as consumers reduce spending both because of income loss and to avoid getting COVID. But the problem is that Illinois started out with a significant bill backlog and that back log is beginning to grow again as state revenues have dropped. There is little to no state "rainy day" fund. Most state agencies are still operating with less than full staffing already, resulting in delays in critical state services, so large cuts are not possible. The sad reality is that without additional state revenue, the bill backlog will grow, causing businesses reliant upon state funding to be in jeopardy. It is imperative that the federal government step in to help.
The last round of taxes that my opponent voted for were unfair to the people of the 104th District. Rural people, small business owners and commuters have been hurt by the gas tax that Marron voted for. Taxes on trailers went up $100, hurting businesses and farmers. My opponent voted for that tax too. I would not vote for a tax that was going to hurt my own district the way that the last one has. A tax that increases the rate of taxation on only income over $250,000 hurts less than 1% of the 104th district as less than 1% make over $200,00 per year. And their taxes will only increase on the portion of their income over $250,000. Importantly, this tax will be implemented only by voters, not politicians.
I support using a computerized model for redistricting that equitably distributes our population into contiguous legislative districts. Gerrymandering districts contributes to the sharp division between people along party lines. When district is composed mainly of one party, elections aren't about the ideas and priorities of two parties, which contributes to discussion and debate and, occasionally consensus, but about factions of a single party, driving candidates to the fringes of the party's ideology, debating about which is the better party representative. Doing away with gerrymandering would do a lot to improve political discourse.
Vote by mail has been used for many years, successfully, by Illinoisans serving in the military, so I believe it can be successfully implemented on a larger scale. But I don't believe it should be the only way to vote. My preference is for the multiple layers of security provided by voting in person in a normal year. This year is anything but normal, though, so I encourage anyone who is protecting their health by remaining close to home, to vote by mail.
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