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State House District 92

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  • Jehan Gordon-Booth

  • Chad Grimm

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Due to Covid-19, what are your recommended spending priorities, revenue opportunities, and spending cuts?

Do you support the Fair Tax (graduated rate income tax) amendment?

Do you support independent redistricting reform?

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How will you be accessible to your constituents? How transparent is or will your work be in this office?

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Covid-19 does not change the way our state should collect or distribute funds, the vast over-reaction by the governor has put us in this mess and we must allow businesses to operate in any manor they see fit due to the situation.
#1- Ensuring the language is clear in terms of a governor’s power as it relates to executive orders, Gov. Pritzker’s order has been a clear violation of the 14th amendment, it has shut down many local businesses for good and others struggle to make ends meet. THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! #2- The marijuana bill sponsored by Jehan Gordon-Booth is a disaster and does little to help the communities she claims to care about. Currently, the tax rate is so high poorer communities can not afford to make legal purchases thus leaving the black market alive and well in our communities, and folks are still subject to arrest. The sales tax must come down to the standard Illinois sales tax, as well every citizen should be able to grow as much as they wish without government interference. It is not about tax revenue IT IS ABOUT FREEDOM of each individual. #3- Grimm will push for legislation to implement an electoral college style voting system for Governor in Illinois. Currently if a candidate has a strong turn out in Cook County they walk into the Governor’s Mansion with ease, this will put an end to that and force the Governor to govern each county equally and work with the whole state and force them to take into consideration the wishes of all citizens in all county’s in the state seriously. #4-Grimm would like to see a grant program implemented for anyone living in our poorest zip codes as it relates to home ownership. Our biggest hurdle in fighting poverty is the big government Democrats that use minorities to get elected by offering broken and unrealistic promises. Their action and policies have created generational poverty to the likes which we have never seen. The time has come to enact policy that actually lifts people up instead of keeps them down. #5- Grimm will work side by side with our local police department and our communities of color to put an end to the chaos artificially created and championed by the left. Grimm will push for neighborhood town hall style discussions where our police and citizens will regularly attend to listen and learn from each other and find common ground and gain mutual respect for one another. The biggest and boldest position Grimm will take in this regard will be calling an end to the war on drugs at the state level! We need our police officers doing what they do best – protecting and serving this great community. They shouldn’t be the state’s Gestapo by being forced to focus on victimless crimes. NO VICTIM=NO CRIME. Grimm will also push for all officers to carry liability insurance on themselves, if the officer can not obtain this coverage due to being presumed by the insurance carrier to be a high risk then this officer will not be eligible to serve.
As someone that is not backed by one of the two largest and greediest corporations in this country known as the Democrat or Republican parties I will only have one group to serve and that is the voter of the 92nd district. I will have monthly town halls for my constituents, we will dialogue on the way that I will be voting on the bills at hand and listen to their concerns and take those concerns into consideration.