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    Dagmara "Dee" Avelar

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    Ron Doweidt

  • Anna Schiefelbein

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How would you address Illinois' revenue shortfall, especially in light of COVID-19, including plans to raise more revenue and how to prioritize spending?

Do you support the Fair Tax (graduated rate income tax) amendment?

What measures will you support for equitable redistricting?

What is your position on vote by mail and would you support a universal vote by mail for Illinois?

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Fixing our state’s budget problems require long term solutions. We need to work on pension reform legislation, taxing of high-end services as well as closing corporate loopholes. Passage of the graduate rate income tax is also a step in the right direction. What we cannot afford to do is have our much needed human services and education budgets bear the brunt of spending cuts as they are essential.
I support a graduated income tax. Illinois has one of the highest property tax burdens in the nation primarily due to our overall regressive tax structure. Income inequality has continued to grow and we can no longer continue to have our working and middle class families carry the burden of our current tax system. We need a fair tax where higher rates apply to higher incomes and lower rates are applied to lower income levels. It is time for Illinois to join the thirty-four of the fifty states in our nation that have a graduated income tax.
Voters should pick who represents them, rather than politicians picking their voters. Districts should be drawn in a way that promotes equal representation. It is imperative that transparency and an equity centered approach is used in the process. If elected, I would work hard to collaborate with my colleagues in the Black, Latino and Asian caucuses to try to unite all of us around a principle that representation matters, and that redistricting should benefit everyone equitably.
I support vote by mail and a universal vote by mail as we need to continue to encourage as much participation from the community in our electoral process.
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I would have absolutely no intension of raising revenue through new taxes of any kind.

I believe revenue should be reallocated from the general fund to specific expenditures. For instance the tax from Cannabis to debt, pensions etc.

I also believe there should be a review of the 90 or so state agencies for consolidation or abolishment.

All states experiencing the short fall are reviewing what expenses to cut.

Illinois on the other hand increased spending by $2 billion over the 2020 budget, that it didn't have in the first place. The 2021 budget increase also proposed a salary for the legislators. That is insane.
Absolutely not..

The Governor has not or will not say how the revenue will be used .He has said there isn't any guarantee that the original brackets proposed would be put into effect.

There is a population flight from the state as it is and new taxes will accelerate that flight.

There isn't any incentive for business to stay in or come to Illinois as it is now. A new tax will make business growth and the jobs businesses create even more prohibitive.

4 of the 5 slowest growth state in the US have Progressive Taxes. Illinois is the fifth. An additional tax might make Illinois the slowest growth state in the nation.

Historically Progress Tax states first tax increases are on the middle class. Therefore, any saving will disappear.
I certainly want fair districting. It is a mess of course. Finding an unbias commission is near to impossible and what the criterion would be, geographical etc. would be a question.

But I certainly support an honest discussion as to the alternatives.
We have had a fairly successful vote by mail program for years. When one requests an absentee ballot there is some criteria for validation. However, when county clerks send out unsolicited applications it is problematic from the standpoint that you really don't know who receives them.

Some have reported receiving not only theirs but those of prior residents. That can lead to fraud.

There are already 300 challenges to the handling of mail voting procedures in 44 states. It is going to be a nightmare with challenges.

I support what has been in place for years and that is if someone requests a ballot, they get it and that should be the extent of it.
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