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State House District 80

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  • Clayton D. Cleveland

  • Anthony DeLuca

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What is your position on the Fair Tax Amendment? 

What is your position on citations for individuals committing a misdemeanor offense?

What are your three goals you hope to accomplish during the COVID 19 crisis?

Since Illinois will have a deficit this year, what line items will you cut or reduce?

I am strongly against. Illinois already has a shrinking population and tax base and we need to stop driving people away. The marketing for the Fair Tax Amendment has been the same as any other tax hike, the proponents always state that it will only take money from someone else. A little over 100 years ago, when the US amended the Constitution to allow for an income tax, it was sold to the population as only impacting the wealthiest 3% of the population. The richest of the rich would only pay 1% of their income, while everyone else would be unaffected. It was great marketing to convince people to approve the income tax, but as we all know, April 15th impacts a lot more people than the top 3%. It may start with the government only taking from people wealthier than the majority of the population, but sooner or later it gets down and takes from us all. 
I would like to see Illinois start to repeal a lot of victimless crimes. The current system uses the legal system as agents of revenue and not agents of peace. We need to reduce the number of negative interactions between authority and the people. 
1) Spur innovation- During every crisis there is a great deal of change. The world is becoming a very different place post Covid and we need to make sure that we allow ideas and innovations to flourish. We need to make a much greater effort to protect and promote small businesses and fresh ideas.2) Promote Positivity- I have been very unhappy with the approach of all levels of government with the response to the virus. The government and media have constantly been using scare tactics that are damaging our quality of life. Over 25% of 18-24 years and 16% of 25-44 year olds have stated that they have seriously considered suicide in the last month. Instead of trying to instill fear and distrust into people, the government should be promoting a healthy lifestyle. As a government official, I will promote improving diet, increasing exercise, and keeping the outdoors open. 3) Match the Government to the Needs of the People- We all have different comfort levels with the virus, different exposure levels, and different health risks. We are no longer in a one size fits all world and we need to make sure that our government matches that. 
The Covid crisis actually may provide an opportunity that Illinois should try to undertake. We should work with the Federal Reserve and government programs to begin a process of consolidation and refinancing. Illinois would probably have to admit to some off balance sheet liabilities, but this would be the best move for the long term. Illinois may be able to maintain the same level of debt service, while closing the underfunded pension issues. The biggest line item that we should start cutting out is General Government. 6.65% of Illinois tax dollars are going to a bloated bureaucracy with a great deal of overlap. Illinois has significantly more taxing bodies than any other state. There are thousands of government functions that are being duplicated within the same geographic area. 
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