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    Joshua Flynn

  • Camille Lilly

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How would you address Illinois' revenue shortfall, especially in light of COVID-19, including plans to raise more revenue and how to prioritize spending?

Do you support the Fair Tax (graduated rate income tax) amendment?

What measures will you support for equitable redistricting?

What is your position on vote by mail and would you support a universal vote by mail for Illinois?

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My opponent somehow believes we can fix matters by taxing our citizens more. This will just accelerate the exodus of people out of Illinois, people who will take their tax dollars with them. I believe taxes are already too high in Illinois for small businesses and for middle and low income families. Instead, let’s reduce our expenditures by tackling wasteful and politically-motivated spending, and by working to resolve our pension crisis. I would hope that these efforts would allow us to lower taxes for lower- and middle-income families. Many of our taxes, such as the gasoline tax and the sales tax, are regressive – they fall the hardest on those with the lowest income. If we want prosperity for all, we need to lower this tax burden
As I said in my response to the first question, we cannot tax our way out of this crisis. Only one state has moved to a graduated income tax in the last 30 years: Connecticut. This eventually resulted in a 13% increase in the Connecticut middle class tax burden. To make matters worse, the tax policy change cost Connecticut’s economy more than $10 billion and 360,000 jobs. Our citizens – and our state – cannot afford this.
Gerrymandering, that is, drawing legislative districts to give an advantage to a particular politician or party, creates uncompetitive districts and entrenched incumbents. Without a doubt, an independent, non-partisan commission should draw the state legislative districts to reduce the corrosive power of the party in power. As a legislator not beholden to the Democrat or the Republican party, I will be well positioned to help establish a bipartisan commission to review our alternatives.
I believe that vote-by-mail should only be allowed when in-person is not possible or when in-person voting poses a health risk. Therefore, I do not support a universal vote-by-mail for Illinois. However, in this time of COVID-19, I do support vote-by-mail for this election for anyone who would be at a health risk by voting in-person.
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