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    Brian Sager

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How would you address Illinois' revenue shortfall, especially in light of COVID-19, including plans to raise more revenue and how to prioritize spending?

Do you support the Fair Tax (graduated rate income tax) amendment?

What measures will you support for equitable redistricting?

What is your position on vote by mail and would you support a universal vote by mail for Illinois?

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First, the General Assembly should take a united stand to support passage of the statewide referendum for a fair or graduated income tax. It will allow us to address the priority needs of education and pension funding and reduce the current, extremely high reliance on property taxes.

Second, we should continue to work for consolidation of Illinois pension systems such as recent efforts to consolidate police and fire pensions, improving efficiencies and enhancing investment returns.

Third, within recent Supreme Court decisions, we should reform the pension system to revise actuarial interpretations and required funding levels, employee participation levels, and tier structuring.

Finally, we should reconsider the Prompt Payment Act.
I support the graduated income tax as it taxes those earning lower incomes at appropriate lower rates and those earning higher incomes at appropriate higher rates. Further, it does so on a marginal basis. There are three ways to improve a financial position...increase revenues, reduce expenses or a combination of the two. A planned, manageable combination is the only sound approach. Protecting taxpayers from routine tax hikes is a concern. Opportunities might be limitations added to enabling legislation, including restricting tax increases to the CPI, as with PTELL. Another, mandating reductions in general revenue expenditures equal to defined portions of any percentage tax increase, forcing difficult choices to reduce expenditures.
The current process, while intended to provide openness and fairness in redistricting, is still very complex, partisan and contentious. I support a new system of redistricting through the appointment of an independent, bi-partisan commission under the Illinois Board of Elections with full responsibility and authority to determine representative districts in the state and would be willing to sponsor, co-sponsor or support legislation to establish such a commission and simultaneously divest the General Assembly of the responsibility and authority. This is a rather extreme position, but worthy of significant effort.
I support universal vote-by-mail for Illinois. It is a system that would go a long way to removing hurdles associated with voting by sending the actual mail-in ballot to every registered voter in the state. Voters would not be required to do anything to get a ballot. It is all about convenience for people today and fewer road blocks or requirements should result in greater voter participation. In a democracy, that should be the goal.