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State Senate District 46

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  • Mary Burress

  • Dave Koehler

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Due to Covid-19, what are your recommended spending priorities, revenue opportunities, and spending cuts?

Do you support the Fair Tax (graduated rate income tax) amendment?

Do you support independent redistricting reform?

What are your top priorities in this office and how will you accomplish those?

How will you be accessible to your constituents? How transparent is or will your work be in this office?

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I think our priority has to be be fully funding public health initiatives, expanding access to broadband internet to assist people working from home, and working with Washington to get more funding for local governments to prevent layoffs at fire and police departments. The fact is after 4 years of Bruce Rauner, state government has been effectively hollowed out, and spending cuts would make it hard for state agencies to accomplish their most basic responsibilities. 
I voted to place the amendment on the ballot and will be voting for it. I believe my constituents should look at the proposed rates and vote for what is best for their family. 
Yes, that''s why I cosponsor the Amendment creating an independent commission. 
My top priority has been to protect access to healthcare and increase funding for infrastructure. In the State Senate, I have accomplished goals by working with Republicans and Democrats to do what is best for each of our districts. It''s very easy to point fingers and get a good sound bite on TV. What is needed however, is people who can leave their egos at the door and work to get something done. 
Through my website, my constituents can contact me via email or get the number to call my office. I have always taken responding to people''s calls very seriously going back to when I served on the county board. During COVID-19, me and my office have done everything possible to be accessible to those with difficulty with the state''s unemployment system while also maintaining social distancing. My voting record is posted on my website, and my constituents are free to look up how I vote on every issue.