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    Janice D. Schakowsky

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What kind of policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our country?

Do you support the restoration of the Voting Rights Act? Why or Why not?

How would you address the climate crisis?

What will you do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

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I voted in favor of the Justice in Policing Act, and was proud to do so. It was an excellent first step towards achieving our goal of ending systemic racism. Ending racism extends beyond just police reform however, and requires broad reforms that aim to empower individuals and protect them from violence, poverty, and discrimination. 

Yes. I am so proud to have voted for and helped pass H.R. 4, the Voting Rights Advancement Act, a critical bill that will finally restore the full strength of the Voting Rights Act and undo the devastating harm caused by the 2013 Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder. This decision opened the floodgates of voter discrimination and has led to swaths of voter suppression laws that are silencing the voices of Americans around the nation, especially in low-income communities and communities of color, and in areas with a consistent pattern of violations of every individual’s right to vote. We have seen state and local laws cut early voting, implement overly burdensome voter ID laws, purge voter rolls, and reduce the number of polling
Climate change is real, it is an existential threat to our nation and planet, and it is happening at an alarming rate. When I served on the House Intelligence Committee, the committee listed Climate Change as a National Security Threat. The United States is responsible for more than a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions since 1850, so we have a significant responsibility to help address global climate change. According to the National Climate Assessment, the average global temperature could rise by 3 degrees Celsius by 2100 because of increased greenhouse gas emissions. In recent decades, this has been evident by extreme weather, devastating wildfires, and increased hurricanes and flooding.  Unfortunately, the Trump Administration ha
I came to Congress to fight to make sure that every person in our country has access to affordable, quality and comprehensive health care. It is the federal government’s responsibility to achieve this goal. For this reason, I am a founding member of the Medicare for All Caucus in the House, as well as an original cosponsor of the Medicare for All Act. It’s time we join the rest of the world in guaranteeing universal coverage. And it’s time Republicans stop trying to destroy Medicare and, instead, join us in making sure that we provide Medicare for All. I believe health care is a human right, and I will fight to the to make sure that every person is able to get the medical care they deserve. 

Because we need bold ideas to transform our heal