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    Raja Krishnamoorthi

  • Preston Gabriel Nelson

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What kind of policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our country?

Do you support the restoration of the Voting Rights Act? Why or Why not?

How would you address the climate crisis?

What will you do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

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I would end the policies that promote inequality, including but not limited to:

I would end the drug war, which has so affected minority communities.

I would end qualified immunity and civil asset forfeiture.

I would put an end to monetary inflation. The continual "easing" or "printing" of money is the greatest social justice that no one hardly mentions. It is the constant devaluation of our dollars, and the money we make at work, as the government creates more money, which usually goes to politically connected corporations and friends. This is not fair for the average person. Most politicians are out of touch and cannot relate to low-income citizens, but I spent years of my childhood in poverty, and then on the edge of it. This inflatio
Yes. All Americans deserve the right to vote, regardless of their background.

First, we must acknowledge that almost all innovation comes from the private sector. Government is a horrible innovator, and it typically stifles innovation. Get the government out of the climate change question, and then we can have real, unbiased science set people can believe. Furthermore, I would:

End subsidies for oil companies. The reason here is obvious.

I would protect private property rights, so that landowners may seek restitution for damages caused by others' pollution.

Finally, as one of the largest polluters on Earth, I would hold our government responsible for pollution that it causes.
I would work to end foreign  wars. With the trillions of dollars that the government would save here, we could afford health care for anyone.

Moreover, the greatest obstacle to accessible healthcare is unaffordable pricing. The price of healthcare has continuously exploded as government increases regulations. Many doctors' largest cost of doing business is just to maintain government compliance. I would offer Medicare to all, while totally deregulating private healthcare. This will offer the best of both worlds: working to standardize care as well as dramatically lowering prices for everyone. 

We also need to lower demand for healthcare procedures. Over half of Americans suffer preventable diseases, and it is largely a result of bad diet