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    Theresa J. Raborn

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What kind of policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our country?

Do you support the restoration of the Voting Rights Act? Why or Why not?

How would you address the climate crisis?

What will you do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

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Campaign Phone (708) 238-9901
Campaign Twitter @raborn4Congress
My policies (Freedom Health Plan Bill, Educating For Success, Fundamental Urban New Deal, Rehabilitative Earn-out Sentencing Time, etc.) are all based on the philosophy that the quality of your education, criminal justice experience, healthcare, and overall quality of life should NOT be dependent on your zip code or your income.  

My policies focus on providing more opportunities to those whose opportunities have historically been limited based on income. We have certain freedoms in this country, but only if you can afford those freedoms. My policies correct this injustice. For instance, we have freedom of religion, but we do not have access to a Biblical education unless we can afford private schools. Another instance is the Second Amendm
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 has been amended many times, each time new provisions have been added. Now it is well over 100 pages. I have an aversion for excessively long laws and bills. Our laws must be simple and easy for everyone to understand. Rather than restore, I support a more condensed version, that keeps the provisions and maintains the spirit of the VRA, but simplifies it so every American can know his or her voting rights. I think after 55 years, it’s past time to have a Voting Rights Act of 2021 that is simple and streamlined for the 21st century.

I think we should always do our best to protect our natural resources and minimize the impact we make on our planet. It simply makes good sense. Asthma is prominent in my household, with two of us affected. Obviously, having access to clear air is especially important to me, as is clear water. My husband has a degree in environmental sciences and through him, I have learned just how toxic our water supply is. Congress should always continue to look for ways to encourage Americans to be good stewards of our environment. However, I draw the line at forcing people to make those changes. I believe incentives are far more effective than mandates and force.

Why limit reducing costs to just prescription drugs? My Freedom Health Plan Bill ( will be able to drive down the cost of all medical products and services to a market-sustainable level, give our workers an extra $900 back into their pockets each month, save businesses millions each year, and save taxpayers $200 billion per year.  

We simplify healthcare and streamline it, while ensuring that there are no cracks for people to slip through. Everyone will have high-quality healthcare and for much less than we are paying now. Pre-existing conditions ARE covered and would no longer be a life sentence. Health care will be more accessible for the busy, modern family and it eliminates dis