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Mobile County Comission District 3

Mobile County is governed by a three-member County Commission. Each Commissioner represents a district and is elected by of that district to serve a four-year term. One of the Commissioners is selected as Commission President.

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    Jenny Arras

  • Randall Dueitt

Biographical Information

How have your training, professional experience, and interests prepared you to serve on the Mobile County Commission?

What do you think is the most important service you can provide to your constituency should you be elected?

What are the three most important challenges that you see facing the Mobile County Commission during this term in office? How would you propose that the Commission meet these challenges?

Storm water control and infrastructure maintenance continue to be critical issues for local elected officials. As a County Commissioner, how do you propose to address these important issues, given the fact that they do not respect political boundaries?

Cyber security is an ever-growing concern. What steps would you take to ensure that public information is kept safe from cyber attacks?

Education Tulane University, Spring Hill College UNC-Chapel Hill
As a public educator, community leader, and writer, I have devoted my life's work to public service and to helping people improve their lives. When people ask me why I teach I often reply with one of my favorite quotes: "because love still has so much work to do in this world." And that is precisely how I strive to lead my life and how I approach my work in the classroom and in the community. For the past 14 years, I have developed extraordinarily meaningful relationships with a diverse body of students, young people of all races/ethnicities, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. My strength lies in not only celebrating differences and diversity of thought but in being able to bring people together. And as an academic at heart, I will also utilize my critical thinking skills and creative approach to problem-solving in order to arrive at innovative, effective solutions that strengthen our community and allow us to reach our potential.
The most important service that I can provide is being readily available and sensitive to the concerns and needs of all of our constituents. We have a lot to do to heal the divides in our city, and we need leadership that reminds us that as residents of Mobile County we belong to each other. We do not belong to political parties; we belong only to each other. My life's work as an educator has been committed to nurturing and helping all of my students reach their potential and loving them exactly as they are. And I am committed to doing the same with all of our neighbors in District 3, our home.

I have a progressive vision for Mobile County--rooted in love of community and educational innovation, economic innovation, and empowerment. I am committed to creating educational centers and job training opportunities in order to modernize our workforce, bringing well-paying, high-tech, renewable energy jobs to the area, and empowering all our citizens.
The three biggest challenges that I foresee being faced with as County Commissioner are as follows:

1) Solving the issue of poverty in our community and ensuring that our most vulnerable, underserved communities have access to opportunities and resources that will help empower and lift them out of cycles of poverty and lives often marked by trauma.

2) Opening a mental health facility (crisis center) in the district. We need to stop criminalizing and imprisoning those with mental illness; they need appropriate care, diagnosis, and long-term treatment options.

3) Bringing well-paying renewable energy and high-tech jobs to the area.

I will work with our legislators to help open a mental healthcare center in the district, write grants and tap into existing state and federal funds that will allow us to combat and treat poverty, mental illness, addiction, income inequality, and other issues negatively impacting our community. We need to embrace a progressive, forward-thinking vision.
Stormwater runoff, particularly that associated with new construction, is widely considered a significant threat to water quality both nationwide and in our area. As County Commissioner, I will work closely with the environmental organizations in our area that are working to curb the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural runoff that endangers our streams, rivers, and bay. We need to ensure that as a county we are supporting the multi-pronged approach of these organizations that includes educating the public; monitoring and inspection; and advocacy.

We also need to ensure that infrastructure maintenance is a priority, particularly in our underserved and rural areas where poor infrastructure can lead to safety concerns as certain areas without paved roads cannot be traversed during hazardous weather or emergency situations. We also need to make the reporting of infrastructure concerns easily accessible for the community as well.
Most cyberattacks occur as a result of end users falling prey to phishing scams and opening emails/attachments that allow the hacker to breach data. We can prevent users from doing so by providing adequate cyber-training for all county employees. The entire staff would be asked to complete a series of online training modules to ensure that they know how to protect themselves and the county from cyberattacks. I would work to implement a county-wide policy that all county employees be required to successfully complete this training. I would also work to ensure that all of our county data be stored in an offsite backup to further prevent cyberattacks and hackers from breaching and locking us out of our data. These steps have all been proven tremendously effective in preventing cyberattacks.
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