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Ohio Congressional District 13

U.S. Representative Salary: $174.000Term commences: 01/03/21 Term: 2 yearsResponsibilities: To represent the people of Ohio, their district, and the United States in dealing with matters of national and international importance. The general welfare should be a prime concern.

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    Donald Truex

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1. Given our experience with Covid-19, what precautions would you put in place to allow for safe, secure elections whereby voters are not choosing between their health and their right to vote, especially in November? Include how you would fund any necessary precautions and changes.

2. Describe what you have done to work across political differences to solve problems and foster trust with the voters you represent.

3. How would you address immigration policy?

4. Where do you stand on efforts to protect our water, air and land?

5. What legislation, if any, would you suggest to address gun safety?

6. What solutions do you propose to address challenges in the healthcare system, women's reproductive rights and maternal and child health?

Campaign Phone (330) 347-2684
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Education Covenant College and Ashland Theological
Training/Experience Over 30 years self-employed as an independent insurance agent specializing in employee benefits.
Current Occupation Retired and selling and servicing insurance policies.
Without question, I would demand voter ID and allow only American citizens to vote. We can govern ourselves. We do not need foreigners from any nation to tell us how to run our country. Do our enemies try to influence our elections? Of course, that’s their job. But they don’t really care who wins the election. Their job is to destroy the American people’s trust and confidence in our American electoral system. And they are using our constitutional freedoms of a free press and free speech to do it. The news is full of such proof.
Immigration would be strictly limited to merit and need. If our schools were better preparing our students for life, we wouldn’t need to search the world importing highly skilled workers as we do. America is rich with the potential of an educated youth. We need to better educate our youth with a massive investment in our gifted students and use their potential to grow and secure a better America for those our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren which the future of America.
A Republican government uses mutually agreed upon laws to protect minorities. A democracy is ruled by a majority vote, not law. We see this today in the fight over gun control. The second amendment clearly says “…shall not infringe…” Yet, the people vote to do so allowing activist judges to uphold “majority rule” over constitutional law. If we really want gun control, how do we adjust the second amendment to give the federal government more control over America’s current rights? This would be an intrusion into our personal lives and homes. Once the door opens to more government control, the government always keeps pushing gaining more control. That’s what constitutional law stops. I do not believe government is the best answer to every problem. Why should one think government employees are smarter than the American citizen? The American people are closest to their problems and have better answers to their daily struggles
Get the government out of our lives and health care. Socialized health care is what Obama and the VA offer. One only need to go to the VA to see how it will run. For women’s reproductive rights, the liberals unnecessarily made this a political hot cake. It used to be if a woman wanted an abortion, her doctor arranged an emergency D&C and the insurance company paid for it. I do not support abortion except to save the mother’s life. Fetus was originally a medical term describing only a stage in the life of a developing child. I support stay-at-home-moms, prenatal and child health care. I will allocate two trillion dollars over ten years to genetic research engineering better health for all.
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