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Ohio House District 36

Ohio House Representative Base Salary: $60,584Term commences: 01/01/21 Term: 2 yearsResponsibilities: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in dealing with mergers not allocated to the federal government.

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    Matt Shaughnessy

  • Bob Young

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1. In what ways would you change our election system to be prepared for crises that impair the right to vote?

2. Under what circumstances is it appropriate for the state to restrain or check local government?

3. How would you improve the Ohio public school funding system?

4.Where do you stand on efforts to protect our water, air and land?

5. What legislation, if any, would you suggest to address gun safety?

6. What solutions do you propose to address challenges in the healthcare system, women's reproductive rights and maternal and child health?

7. Do you support the repeal and/or replacement of House Bill 6? Would you support legislation requiring disclosure of all donors to groups seeking to influence elections and the end of so-called 'dark money' donations?

Education B.A. Organizational and Business Communication - Univ. of Akron J.D. Law - University of Akron School of Law
Training/Experience Retired Firefighter/Paramedic who went back to school as an adult learner to complete a law degree. Currently an attorney who assists crime victims and represents victims of domestic violence. A Green City Council member and 15 year resident of District 36
I believe local governments are in the best position to decide what is in their own best interests, that’s the whole idea behind the concept of “home rule”, which is the law in Ohio. The State legislature should not dictate to local governments or limit their right to govern themselves. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a local government should have free reign to change laws for which the State has an overwhelming interest to apply statewide, otherwise known as general laws. For instance, the State's interest in setting maximum speed limits or creating minimum standards for health and safety. There will always be overlap and conflict between home rule and State legislation but its important that State legislation does not restrict local home rule unnecessarily.
First off, I would like to see school funding return to public school funding, not funding for private schools through vouchers. Government has a responsibility to provide education, period. Why should tax dollars that can support our public schools be used to pay private school tuition? Who pays when our public schools suffer from this lost revenue? Primarily our children are shortchanged, but also, every homeowner pays for it in their real estate taxes. And why? So that families who are already better off financially can send their children to private schools. And those financially hurt the most are retired people on fixed incomes. School funding has always been a problem, but the fixing it should start by reversing the most recent harms, we need to roll back school vouchers.
I will support legislation to protect our water, air, and land. I won’t choose corporate profits over our environment. Did you know in Ohio a well owner does not have to disclose the identity of all the chemicals they pump into the ground during fracking operations? Just who are the legislatures representing when they pass laws to allow undisclosed chemicals to be pumped into the ground? I’m going to Columbus to work for you, that’s my promise. And opposing legislation that permit dangerous and toxic chemicals to be pumped into the ground for fracking without even having to disclose what those chemicals are is one of the things I’ll do as a legislator. And that’s my promise for a better Ohio.
Gun safety is important, especially when you look at the statistics that over 2,000 children are killed by guns in the US every year. I believe in and will defend the second amendment, but I do believe in common sense gun legislation. Currently there is Ohio legislation that would do away with the carried concealed weapon training requirement in Ohio. I doubt there’s anyone on this planet that doesn’t know a person that really ought to have a gun safety class before they have the right to carry a concealed weapon. And responsible gun owners would agree. I’ve owned guns in my life and I’ve had safety training, that’s a good thing… so I oppose legislation that strips the requirement of gun safety training before a carry conceal permit is granted.
! will support legislation that increases a woman’s access to medical care for their reproductive rights and I will oppose legislation designed to limit access to doctors and clinics that provide such health care. Maternal and Child health care is critical to the well being of our children and put plainly, to whether a child survives, so I will support legislation and budgets that expand access to and improves the quality and outcomes of maternal and child health care.
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