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Illinois House District 42

Description of office: The Illinois House of Representatives is the lower house of the Illinois General Assembly, it consists of 118 representatives elected from individual legislative districts for two-year terms with no limits; redistricted every 10 years, based on the U.S. Census. The state legislature has the power to make laws and impeach judges. Lawmakers must be at least 21 years of age and a resident of the district in which they serve for at least two years.

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  • Ken Mejia-Beal

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    Amy L. Grant

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What is your position on the proposed graduated rate income tax for the state of Illinois?

What is your position on the Fair Maps Amendment to implement a non-partisan system for drawing legislative maps for Illinois?

In light of the opioid crisis, an increase in suicide rates, and mass shootings throughout the country, what is your view of the state of Illinois’ responsibility to help its citizens with mental health treatment, including addiction?

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It's a bad policy for the State of Illinois with a more immediate impact on many families in the 42nd District. The last Constitutional Convention provided protection for Illinois Taxpayers by making the Flat Tax part of our State Constitution. With that provision removed, Springfield Legislators in the Majority can raise tax rates on everyone, not simply those they consider Millionaires. As they continue to raise rates, in a matter of a relatively short time they'll decide to tax households earning far less than $250,000. Every budget year, the legislature passes a budget in excess of our receipts. Every year. More revenue will only result in more bloated budgets, and a need to raise tax rates on more tax payers. This isn't just a bad idea, it's a terribly cynical one. In no way is any fiscal discipline part of the plan. To achieve the tax revenue they really want to get to, it's only a matter of short time before higher rates affect families in households earning $80-$120,000.
I'm in favor. The current system has given legislators the ripe opportunity to choose their constituents. Even to the point where a few people in a backroom can literally guarantee a majority for 10 years at a time. With no loyal opposition with any leverage to encourage better policy, 70 State Reps and 40 State Senators can inflict bad public policy upon over 13 million state residents. That's precisely what is happening now. Communities are divided along unnatural lines to either dilute or enhance their voice in the State Capitol. Few seats are really competitive which encourages simply outlandish spending in those areas. That removes any competitive situation for truly outstanding candidates who don't have the financial resources to compete.
I worked in DuPage County to make sure we had resources for people to turn to when addiction and mental health issues were prevalent. I've continued to do so at the State level, and this is very concerning to me. With so many unfortunate incidents that have taken place, these issues are far closer to the forefront now than they have been in the past. The awareness has led to earlier recognition and intervention which is a positive trend, but we have a very long distance to go to be out in front of these issues. Schools, Social Agencies, Law Enforcement and Legislators all need to continue to work in concert to continue lessening these incidents and refining our approaches to improving in every area. I pay careful attention to legislation and law enforcement techniques in other places to see what kinds of success they are having that would work in our region. Behind every one of these statistics are dead people. That's always on my mind.