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Illinois Senate District 49

Description of office: The Illinois Senate is made up of 59 senators elected from individual legislative districts determined by population; redistricted every 10 years, based on the U.S. Census. Under the Illinois Constitution of 1970, senators are divided into three groups, each group having a two-year term at a different part of the decade between censuses, with the rest of the decade being taken up by two four-year terms. This ensures that the Senate reflects changes made when the General Assembly redistricts the state after each census.

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  • Meg Loughran Cappel

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    Thomas McCullagh

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What is your position on the proposed graduated rate income tax for the state of Illinois?

What is your position on the Fair Maps Amendment to implement a non-partisan system for drawing legislative maps for Illinois?

In light of the opioid crisis, an increase in suicide rates, and mass shootings throughout the country, what is your view of the state of Illinois’ responsibility to help its citizens with mental health treatment, including addiction?

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I am opposed to the Governors constant attempts to tax more and spend more. He has already raised gas taxes, license plate fees and J.B. has not been in office for two years yet. Now, he is pushing for a complete shift in the way we tax Illinois citizens; treating one citizen differently from another. It is un-American. Let's not forget that the Democrat Treasure of Illinois has suggested that this would be a framework for Illinois to tax retirement income. Illinois cannot take much more of these tax increases. Vote no on the Graduate Tax!
I am in favor of a citizen-run, independent commission approach to redistricting similarly modeled to Iowa's Fair Maps. When districts have been gerrymandered, it is difficult to elect officials that accurately represent you and your region. Districts should be drawn so it is easy to vote in and out elected officials, and keep a balance in the legislature.
I think it is an all hands on deck problem. There should be local, township, county, state and federal aid with regards to mental health and opioid addictions. There should also be more accountability with doctors over prescribing medications, and pain management.