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Will County Auditor

The County Auditor is required to: (1) Audit all claims against the County; (2) Collect, analyze and preserve statistical and financial information with respect to the cost of operation of the various institutions and facilities maintained, operated or owned by the county ; (3) Maintain a file of all contracts; (4) Audit the receipts of all county officers and departments; (5) Maintain a continuous internal audit of the operations and financial records of the officers, agents, or divisions of the county.

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    Kevin "Duffy" Blackburn

  • James Buiter

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In order to bring more transparency to county operations and expenditures, what process will you use to increase the information provided to the citizens and taxpayers of the county?

What are your qualifications for the position of Will County Auditor?

What recommendations do you have for improving the systems and processes used by the Auditor's Office to conduct internal audits of county government?

I am proud to tell all of our residents that Will County is a national leader and award winner in government transparency; from posting the county checkbook, to posting all county salaries and contracts, to using easy to use reporting technology. Moving towards the future, I was the first public officeholder in the nation to publish a government's financial report in a searchable, artificial-intelligence enabled data standard. As the first in the nation, Will County set a very high standard for all other governments in transparency and accountability. I had the honor to represent our County when I was given an invitation to speak before the Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman and the SEC's Fixed Income Market Committee on this topic. The technology (already utilized by all publicly traded companies) that we accomplished in Will County will fundamentally increase transparency and lower bond costs for all governments. Please go to click on OPEN GOV.
I am a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Certified Information Systems Auditor. I am a state and national award winner for the work in the Auditor's office. I am a nationally recognized conference speaker and expert in government financial reporting and accountability. I teach courses of audit and information systems at the university level.

And fundamentally, the sole purpose of audit is to provide trust in the finances and operations of the organization so that those in charge of governance are able to move forward and make large, important decisions for projects, changes, and budgeting. Throughout my time in the Auditor's Office, it is accurate and commendable to say that the County has held the line on taxes, built major buildings and infrastructure, and made the difficult changes when needed for the best outcome for our residents.

I will continue the work of Will County being a national leader in transparency and open government. We will use business intelligence software to provide an unprecedented amount of oversight, transparency, and open government reporting. Government is second only behind the banking sector worldwide for the amount of fraud cases. Along with audit, the number one way a fraud case is detected is by tip or hotline. I have installed a 24/7 fraud hotline that is maintained by an independent 3rd party service. In 2021, we will be training every new and current employee on tips to spotting potential frauds. As cybersecurity incidents continue to affect the world, I will utilize a County task group of auditors, IT professionals, and network specialists to prohibit these attacks from affecting our coutny operations. Because we are all connected it's important that we provide cybersecurity awareness trainings to all of our employees, taxpayers, and network.
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