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Will County Recorder of Deeds

The Will County Recorder’s Office is a repository for all documents recorded in Will County since its inception in 1836. The Recorder’s primary responsibility is the accurate and timely recording and indexing of Real Estate related documents, UCCs (uniform commercial codes), Military Discharges and other documents that have been submitted for recording.

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    Karen A. Stukel

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    Gretchen Fritz

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Will County as well as 3 other counties in the state are part of a pilot program called the Anti-Predatory Lending Program. This program was introduced to Will County 10 years ago. I would like to see this program rolled out to the remainder of the counties in the state to provide valuable information as to the loans being offered to the public in their respective areas. The program educates borrowers as to the types of loans that are offered in the market to give them an idea as to the options available so that they are well informed when they purchase a home.
I am currently the Recorder of Deeds for Will County and have been for the last 12 years. I am a full-time Recorder that is aware of the changes that periodically take place due to regulatory or legislative changes. I have served as the President of Zone IV. I have been on the legislative and special action committees and I am currently the 2nd Vice Chair of IACCR (Illinois Association of County Clerks and Recorders). I also serve on the Electronic Recording board. I consider it my duty to be aware of any matters that may be on the forefront so that I can provide feedback when needed.
I have been told by one of the township assessors that the software currently in use by the Recorder’s office is not user-friendly and should be replaced. In order to do that, I would seek the assistance of the Ad-Hoc IT Committee of the Will County Board along with input from stakeholders, such as township assessors and realtors. Subsequent to that, I would not execute no-bid contracts for large purchases, like software, as the current recorder did in 2010 and in 2014. I would follow generally accepted procedures to acquire RFPs from qualified bidders for software. Some of the records in the office are still on microfilm and in archival books. I would investigate the feasibility of digitizing these records both for efficiency and for preservation purposes. I will look at the processes in the Recorder’s office with fresh eyes to find innovation & efficiencies that can be introduced to reduce operating costs while maintaining excellent customer service for Will County property owners.
I am running to end the void of leadership that has gone on too long in the Recorder’s office. In every executive-level office in Will County, an elected Democrat lets a highly paid chief deputy actually run the office. The incumbent claims to be a full-time recorder, but now she rarely goes to the office. When she does, she often brings her dogs, which is a major distraction & is unprofessional. The staff in the Recorder’s office gets the job done, but it is in spite of the Recorder, not facilitated by her. I have a Master of Library & Information Science. That’s relevant because the degree program teaches concepts like taxonomy, information architecture, information retrieval and integrated library systems, and principles like privacy rights & intellectual freedom. Many people use the MLIS degree for records management, which is essentially the function of the Recorder’s office. Additionally I have been on the Will County Board since 2014, so I have experience with county government.