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DuPage County Auditor

As the County's only independently elected officer responsible for evaluating and reporting on County operations, the County Auditor conducts internal audits of the operating departments, systems and internal controls under the jurisdiction of the DuPage County Board and eight County-wide Elected Officials. The Auditor evaluates how County resources/assets are protected, used and recorded; how and where County money is spent; and how County departments are operating. The Auditor prepares recommendations for improving systems and processes.

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    William "Bill" White

  • Bob Grogan

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In order to bring more transparency to county operations and expenditures, what process will you use to increase the information provided to the citizens and taxpayers of the county?

what are your qualifications for the position of DuPage County Auditor?

What recommendations do you have for improving the systems and processes used by the Auditor's Office to conduct internal audits of county government?

On Day One of my term in office, I will direct development of an online portal that will connect campaign contributions to contracts made with county vendors. The auditor cannot prohibit the County from awarding contracts to campaign contributors however the auditor can make sure these connections are easy to uncover.

Long term, I will push for the increased routine public disclosure of internal audit reports and related information, while working in collaboration with other elected county officials to ascertain which portions of those reports are appropriate to redact. In addition to providing greater access to financial data, I will push for greater transparency regarding the effectiveness of programs being provided by all areas of county operations.

This will require a firm insistence on greater transparency while recognizing the need for collegiality with other county officials who themselves are elected by the people.
I have been an attorney in private practice for 35 years and active in government for well over 20 years. I have served as chair of several governmental entities and as chair I was responsible for promoting genuine collaboration while seeking to build consensus.

For many years I was chair of the Downers Grove Zoning Board of Appeals and as chair I was responsible for promoting collaboration and consensus among the board members as we sought to resolve the issues brought before us. I was chair of a citizen's committee that substantially revised the Downers Grove Comprehensive Plan and we voted unanimously for a revised award winning Comp Plan.

I was elected to the District 99 Board of Education and served as Board President. I also was elected to the Downers Grove Village Council and also served as mayor pro tem.

This experience will help me blend firm insistence on greater transparency with the need for collegiality with other elected county officials.
The current staff at the county auditor's office is experienced, skilled and dedicated. Good work being done by staff. What is missing is leadership.

As an elected county auditor I will direct that the office do a better job of facilitating greater transparency from all county offices. This will require an approach that blends cooperation and collegiality with a firm insistence on greater transparency and a commitment to efficiency.

Blending collegiality with a firm insistence on transparency and efficiency is absolutely necessary. Those holding offices such as Recorder, State's Attorney, Sheriff, Court Clerk (and the others) are themselves elected officials and the auditor has no authority over these leaders.
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