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DuPage County Coroner

The Coroner is an elected, county-wide official serving for a four year term. The Coroner's office is a law enforcement agency, which, as part of the system of checks and balances, investigates the cause and manner of deaths that occur in the county. In Illinois the main statutes governing the office are mainly found in the Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 55 (The Coroners Act).

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    Gregory H. Whalen

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    Richard Jorgensen

Biographical Information

What recommendations do you have for improving the systems and processes used by the Coroner's office to conduct investigations?

What are your qualifications for the position of County Coroner?

My recommendations for improving the systems and processes used by the Coroner's Office to conduct investigations revolve are three key topics - Accountability, Communication, and Transparency.

The coroner is responsible for maintaining a professional agency and ensuring all employees are properly equipped and trained to perform their assigned duties. It is imperative the coroner’s findings, as it relates to the cause and manner of death, are strictly based upon forensic pathology, evidence, and investigative findings. The results of all investigations must be free of all bias, stereotyping, and/or political influence.

I will be a resource to the community and when critical events occur, I will help deliver clear, factual public service announcements to the residents of DuPage County through our media partners, on social media and/or in-person.

Lastly, I will ensure that information regarding the operations and financial state of the Coroner’s Office is available to the public.
The Coroner is a law enforcement officer who serves as the Chief Death Investigator for the county. The coroner works in conjunction with other law enforcement authorities and is responsible for conducting an independent investigation into the cause and manner of death when their is reason to suspect the involvement of criminal acts, negligence and/or other unnatural causes have contributed to the death.

With that being said, I have over 16 years of public safety experience. I am currently a Lieutenant with a north surburban agency. I am crossed trained as a police officer, firefighter and paramedic. I am an experienced police supervisor, evidence technician, firearms instructor, field training officer, fire / arson investigator, fire department company officer & incident commander, instructor, diver, boat operator, haz-mat technician and technical rescue technician.

I also have a Master’s Degree in Public Safety Administration and a Bachelors Degree in Fire Science Management.
I have been the Coroner for the past 8 years so there are many changes to both the systems and the processes. I will elucidate those below. However, there are improvement that are planned for the near future in the
I have unique An effective coroner must possess both exceptional credentials and broad experience. I am a physician and surgeon and have , licensed since 197 I treated trauma patients who were victims of accidental and intentional injury throughout my career. With years of experience with trauma cases, I understand the importance of documenting vital and timely data and accurately reporting the details and circumstances surrounding injury, treatment and death. I also have experience with death that is by natural cause, for example death due to disease or physical infirmity. I have dealt with hospitals, emergency rooms, hospice care and nursing home deaths which, under certain circumstances, are within the scope of our obligation to investigate.

I have done research and documented my findings and conclusions in peer review. This experience has enhanced my ability to observe, and Identify and document unusual trends in deaths, such as observing and documenting reporting to the pu