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Missouri State House District 35

Members of the Missouri House of Representatives are charged with proposing, debating and voting on legislation and with representing constituents in their districts. There are 163 House districts in the state. State representatives serve two-year terms and are paid $35,915 per year plus a per diem.

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    Keri Ingle

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Campaign Phone (816) 875-9635
Public Elected Offices Held State Representative District 35
Incumbent? Yes
Education BA in Criminal Justice, University of Central Oklahoma Master of Social Work, University of Kansas
Age 36
I am passionate about child welfare policy, criminal justice reform, mental health and healthcare policy, and educational policy. I have spent my career as a Licensed Master Social Worker working with individuals and families across Jackson County, often while they are in crisis. I've worked in child welfare to help ensure the safety of children, and to assist and empower families to improve their lives. I've also worked in mental health facilities, hospitals, and schools. I've seen where gaps in bureaucracy and services fail to serve our families, and I ran for office to ensure all Missourians have access to quality healthcare, education, and emergency services; particularly our most vulnerable neighbors.
We are living in unprecedented times. We are facing uncertainty regarding healthcare, education, and employment due to the pandemic, as well as from poor planning by our officials to prepare for times such as these. I believe that our budget is a moral document where we place priority on what we value the most. I would propose placing priority- both financially and policy-wise- on ensuring our public health departments and hospitals have what they need to test efficiently and accurately, by providing guidance and financial support to our education systems and ensuring the safety of both students and teachers, and by ensuring the safety of our elections and democracy by providing accessible and safe alternatives to voting in-person for all Missourians- and not requiring notaries in order to vote by mail. I also propose extending unemployment benefits at a time where our neighbors are struggling the most- this is not just an empathetic choice, but an economic one as well.
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