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Missouri State House District 56

Members of the Missouri House of Representatives are charged with proposing, debating and voting on legislation and with representing constituents in their districts. There are 163 House districts in the state. State representatives serve two-year terms and are paid $35,915 per year plus a per diem.

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    Neal Barnes

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    Michael Davis

Biographical Information

What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about and why?

What would be your approach to addressing the current challenges facing our state?

Campaign Website:
Campaign Facebook http://NealBarnesfor56th
Campaign email address
Campaign Phone (816) 277-9338
Public Elected Offices Held City Councilman two terms, and Planning And Zoning commission eight years for City of Belton, MO.
Incumbent? No
Education Belton High School, Longview community college
Age 63
Workers Rights - Right to Work has been defeated by the voter’s multiple times, yet they keep trying to override the will of the people. Gerrymandering and dark money in politics and Super PACS.

Another area is education. Let us fund our schools properly, so that the rural and inner-city schools are as high a quality education as the more affluent school districts. I think this will help with our high crime situation in the long run, by providing a better future and opportunities for our youth.

Infrastructure is a major issue. Our roads and bridges are crumbling around the state. As well as our water and sewer systems in the big cities and rural areas.
I would try to build a coalition with like-minded representatives from both sides of the isle and actually accomplish something without having stalemate after stalemate. I feel like we need to work together in Jefferson City instead of constantly bickering over party lines. I will find ways to call out corruption in our State Legislature. Cut wasteful spending and fund our state government properly. The government should be more for the people not for big business, corporations and lobbyists to use as they see fit.
Campaign Website:
Campaign email address
Campaign Phone (816) 388-0680
Public Elected Offices Held None
Incumbent? No
Education B.S. in Education, Juris Doctor
Age 25
Protect the right to life of the unborn, preserve our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, defend our Judeo-Christian values from liberal attack, cut wasteful spending and burdensome regulations, implement President Trump’s agenda at the state level.
Eliminate Missouri’s budget deficit by cutting government bureaucracy, preventing the state from borrowing so much money which accrues enormous interest, and reviewing the budget for government waste.