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Ohio House District 4 - Term Commences 01/01/21

Responsibilities: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in dealing with mattersnot allocated to the federal government.Term: 4 yrs.Salary: *$60,584 * Base salary

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    Bob Cupp

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1. What additional safeguards to Ohio's elections process should be implemented to prepare for possible crisis events that impair the right to vote?

2. What policies and actions will you promote to protect our water, air and land? Include how you would address climate change.

Current Job Position State Representative for Allen County (District 4).
Education Ohio Northern University - B.A. in political science; J.D.(law degree); Columbus Grove local schools.
Training & Experience Current state representative; Justice, Supreme Court of Ohio 2007-2012; Judge, 3rd District Court of Appeals, 2003-2006; State Senator, 1985-2000; Senate President Pro Tempore, 1997-2000; Allen County Commissioner, 1981-84; Lima City Prosecutor and Asst. Law Director, 1976-1980; engaged in private practice of law for 25 years.
Ohio election authorities are taking extra precautions this year for in-person voting, whether on election day or, starting Oct. 6 in advance of Election Day. These precautions include physical distancing polling places, extra sanitizing, and recruiting extra poll workers. In addition, Ohio permits voting by mail for over 3 weeks prior to Election Day, including some weekend days. All registered voters have been mailed absent ballot request forms by which to have a ballot mailed to them to vote in their own homes and then mail back. Fortunately, Ohio has bi-partisan local boards of elections, meaning that each political party has a check on the other in election procedures to ensure that the law is complied with and there is no “cheating” in favor of either part. Not all states have this safeguard. A big concern is multiple lawsuits before the election attempting to have federal courts change election requirements and procedures at the last minute. It is very disruptive, but cannot be legislated against.
Clean water, air, and uncontaminated land are essential to a healthy community. Ohio’s newest water quality initiative, dubbed H2Ohio, will help keep reduce soil erosion, as well as the run-off of fertilizers and animal waster into Ohio’s rivers and streams and Lake Erie. It engages landowners and others to follow best practices, and it provides voluntary incentives to landowners to participate.