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Allen County Sheriff - Term Commences 01/04/21

Responsibilities: To provide services to the courts, to oversee the county jail, and to act as chief law enforcement officer for the county.Term: 4 yrs.Salary: $102,737.

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    Matthew B. Treglia

Biographical Information

What is the greatest challenge to the office of the Allen County Sheriff?

Current Job Position Allen County Sheriff
Education Allen East High School graduate Apollo Law Enforcement, O.P.O.T.A. certification
Training & Experience 22+ as an Allen County Sheriff Deputy which include: West Central Ohio Crime Task Force officer and Sergeant, SWAT Team member and Lieutenant & Commander, Uniformed Division Lieutenant and Staff Lieutenant, appointed Interim Sheriff in 2017, elected sheriff 2018
. It’s difficult to label one item as the greatest challenge for The Allen County Sheriff’s Office as many things factor into our day-to-day operations. Typically though budgetary monies and jail population remain a constant challenge. Inmate population isn't within my control and that fluctuates daily, therefore budgeting fluctuates daily with unknown variables. Housing, meals, medical, and transportation are just some of the daily needs met for inmates in the jail. Those costs depend 100% on the number of inmates housed. While the actual number of inmates is unpredictable we plan for approximately 240-270 inmates per day annually. More personally, there are nearly 170 employees within the Sheriff’s Office. I take the safety of each of them very seriously. Training and education for staff is a regular conversation in my office. Their dedication and hard work are unmeasurable. I strive to foster a positive work environment for them, as well as opportunities for advancement and success.