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Delaware State House District 04

The Delaware House of Representatives consists of 41 members, each of whom is elected to a two-year term. There is no limit to the number of terms that a Representative may serve. All revenue generating legislation must begin in the House.State representatives introduce and vote on proposed legislation, approve the annual budget for the state, and serve on assigned committees. The General Assembly of Delaware meets in Dover three days a week between mid-January and the end of June.The Speaker of the House is the presiding officer of the House. The Speaker is elected to the position by a majority of the representatives to run the mechanics of the House, including appointing committees and their members and assigning legislation to committee.

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    Jordan Nally

Biographical Information

What motivated you to seek or continue in this office?

This year Delawareans can vote by mail due to COVID-19. Would you support continuing the vote by mail option for future Delaware elections? If yes, what modifications would you make to the current mail-in voting process?

Following the 2020 census, election district boundaries will be redrawn across the country. Do you think Delaware would benefit from having an independent redistricting commission? Please explain your position.

If elected, what measures will you develop and/or support to increase community confidence in law enforcement personnel?

How do you believe that racial inequality can be reduced/eliminated in Delaware?

What is your stance on renewable energy for Delaware, and specifically the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)?

Is Delaware's Freedom of Information Act working well for the public? What changes (if any) would you suggest for FOIA?

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Phone: (302) 229-0147
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Age 64
Education Salesianum H.S. Wilmington, Delaware King's College Wilkes-Barre, PA Officers Candidate School-DEARNG US Army Ordnance Center and School
Work Experience Delaware Army National Guard 1981-2016 Clear Channel Outdoor 1992-2001 Delaware AFL-CIO 2002-Present
Community Involvement Graham Senior Center-Board Pres. (P) Boy Scouts of America-Troop #285 (P) Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau 1992-Present Saint Ann's Home and School Association.1995-2015 Stapler Athletic Association Knight's of Columbus-4th Degree
Additional Information Proud Parent of four magnificent children. Three daughters are elementary School Teachers in Red Clay School District, My son is a junior at the UofD.
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Raised in a community conscious family whereby public awareness and volunteer service was expected. Community involvement and patriotic engagement has been a critical component of my life.

I was elected to Wilmington City Council in 1996. Service to my constituency was rewarding and gratifying..

I was activated and deployed to southwest Asia in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, were i served for 18 months.

I returned to Delaware in 2005. Filled with patriotic pride and a coniting motivation to serve i challenged for the House of Representative 4th District seat, I currently serve.

I seek the office I currently represent due to the collegial relationship I have developed with my contemporaries and constituents. The commitment to developing policy, initiating projects and guiding legislation continues to be a source of my motivation to serve!!!
I was a proud co-sponsor of HB #242 which enabled the current "Vote at Home" practice. Due to funding provisions of the CARES Act, the Vote at Home practice this election year is sunset to expire of December 31, 2020!! However, I was the proud sponsor of HB #174 (Vote by Mail) which was stricken this year in compliance with the provisdions of HB #242.

Upon returning to the GA in January 2021(wishful thinking) I will reintroduce HB #175 which will become a permanent practice.

Of the several changes I may offer would be: calculate ballots (votes) as they are received(yet remain strictly confidential) and make the safe drop boxes more abundant and accessible!!
As an elected official since 1996 i firmly support an independent redistricting commission., I have been a Co-Sponsor of each legislative attempt that has been initiated.
Retrain the current rank and file. Implement more specific training technics which will prohibit abusive force and excessive force.

Develop mental hygiene programs and practices which will alleviate some of the stresses and strains on our Law Enforcement personnel.

Respect is a two way dynamic. I also fell our law enforcement agencies need the support and respect our society may offer, yet they need to elevate their image. Strict fines and penalties may reduce the resistance to arrest and detainment, which in turn, elevates the emotions associated with most arrest!!
Continue to accentuate progress that has been achieved thus far. We as a society have improved the disparity and inequality in recent decades, however there are many areas that need to be corrected and improved. UNDERSTANDING is the key to developing any relationship. EDUCATE our young children and students, thus eliminating bigotry and ill favor. Improve Self Awareness and Self Esteem. Job creation and job training will reduce tendency towards crime and thus incarceration.

Sadly, Senator McDowell was faced with an relentless foe, COVID-19. Due to a limited session, the limited schedule forced Harris to run short while promoting SB #250. I was a co-sponsor of the bill anbd will continue to support and promotes it's directives. I have been counselled by Senator McDowell over the years and have become an ardent supporter of RPS initiatives.
The FOIA was designed to improve Transparency in government, As with any (motion) movement the initial attempts are flowed and faulted, if not deliberately by design, then more than likely by inexperience, lack of familiarities. Is FOIA working perfectly in Delaware?? NO!! Doses FOIA need improvement?? YES!!!

As I observe the process, admittedly from afar , I would suggest that the "transaction or response time" needs to be decreased drastically. Accessibility for the citizen needs to be simplified and an awareness promotion would lend to expediating the process!!! .
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Phone: (302) 367-5403
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Age 30
Education John Dickinson High School
Work Experience After graduating from John Dickinson High School, I continued to work for my family’s automotive dealership in Stanton, Delaware. During my time working for the family business, I experienced first-hand the struggles and triumphs small business owners experience, from negotiating pricing and services with vendors to ensuring a working mother had a safe, dependable car. Taking the knowledge and experience from working for my family’s business, I transitioned into the financial industry and have been employed with JP Morgan Chase for the past five years. Since joining JP Morgan Chase, I have worked to demonstrate my leadership abilities through several projects and initiatives, including being selected to start up a new team in Chicago. For the last year, I have been part of a new, innovative team that works on identifying inefficiencies in the business by leveraging new technologies, and helping to streamline and improve processes.
Community Involvement I work to serve the community through my involvement in Year Up, a nonprofit whose mission is to close the opportunity divide by training young adults to move from minimum wage jobs to meaningful careers in just one year. By partnering with corporations struggling to find new hires, Year Up provides young, motivated adults skills that are in demand. I am proud to partner with the program as a mentor and work directly with the young professionals on career development. Additionally, I serve as the Vice Chair of the New Castle County Young Republicans where I advocate for community involvement and modernization of the party.
Additional Information I live in Wilmington with my fiancé and partner of 8 years, James Kane and our 7 year old German Shepard, Koda. When we are not working, we enjoy spending time gathered in the kitchen with family and friends.
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Delaware was once a place where people were raised to vote for a candidate not because of their party but because of their values. It's clear to see the change that's happening in Delaware. More and more jobs leaving the state each year. Students not being taught the skills needed to prepare them for 21st century jobs. And an ever increasing partisan government, where all decisions are made by one party, without any debate or transparency. We need to fight to bring jobs back to Delaware. We need to guarantee that our students are armed with the tools needed to be proficient in todays workforce. We need to reach across the aisle and bring back that Delaware spirit of bipartisanship, putting constituents first and foremost in-order to get things done. I promise to uphold these beliefs and much more if I'm elected as your State Representative.
I believe that every eligible voter in Delaware should be able to cast their vote on Election Day. I would support vote by mail as an option for Delawareans going forward as long as we can put a process in place that can keep our voter data up to date. Currently, we have a data integrity issue with the Department of Elections and we need oversight to ensure that the data is updated and a process in place to ensure that the data stays up to date.
I do believe that Delaware would benefit from an independent redistricting commission. It's clear to see that politics is at play when you look at how our districts are currently mapped out in Delaware. Whenever we see partisan politics at play it generally is at the expense of the constituents and I believe Delawareans deserve better. I call on our elected officials to set an example and request an independent, nonpartisan commission to assist with redistricting.
We need to start breaking down the divide between our community and our police officers. I believe one way we can increase confidence in law enforcement personnel is by provided the resources and proper training needed to ensure that officers can protect and serve all members of the community. Additionally, it's time we end certain practices and focus on an officers number one goal which is to protect and serve. One practice that I want to see eliminated immediately is the use of ticket quotas to determine an officers job performance. Rather than focusing on keeping the streets safe from real crime we have lost focus, and I believe by ending quotas we can start to get on the right track and begin bridging the divide.
I believe the first step towards reducing racial inequality in Delaware is by electing representatives who are willing to put in the work needed to change our broken system. We need to elect officials who are going to fight for equality in our schools, working to ensure that our students are being taught the skills needed to be successful in life. We need representatives that are going to work to bring good paying careers to Delaware, and who won't settle for minimum wage jobs. And we need someone in office that is willing to collaborate and work across the aisle to make meaningful progress on the issues impacting our communities. If elected I will work tirelessly to address the inequalities impacting far too many Delawareans on day one.
It's incredibly important for us to work to preserve and protect our environment. With that being said, I believe that the Renewable Portfolio Standard needs to be reevaluated to ensure that we are not missing other opportunities to leverage clean/efficient energy by being locked into the standards as they are today. Additionally, we need to look at the tax breaks and incentives offered today as part of the RPS to ensure that consumers are not exploiting the tax incentives but not following through with clean alternatives. If we want to commit to improving our environment and water supply in Delaware I urge our elected officials to fight to protect the little open space we have left in our state. I ask all readers to please visit, to learn about an important initiative to protect our open space and water in New Castle County.
I do not believe that our Freedom of Information Act is working well for the public in Delaware. If you want to request information you have to follow an out dated process that is hard to follow and does not provide much transparency. I would suggest creating a streamlined and digital process, allowing Delawareans to submit an FOIA online and follow the request status as it progresses from the initiation stage, approvals and finally distribution of the information. By creating a digital process with status tracking, we can create a more streamlined request process and provide insight to our constituents related to the status of their request and any delays occurring.