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U.S. House Representative – as a member of the lower chamber of U.S. Congress, regulates interstate commerce, interstate communication, interstate transportation, the U.S. Mint, and the supply of money. The U.S. Congress creates courts and declares war on foreign countries. The primary function of the house representatives is to make laws. Duties vary according to their stature and party affiliation. Each House also has many committees that focus on a particular responsibility. Some examples include energy, veterans' affairs, housing and foreign relations. One of the most common duties of a representative is to act as a conduit between the federal government and the local authorities and residents of the areas they represent.Because of its small size, Delaware has only one representative in the U.S. House. Representatives are elected for two-year terms.

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Biographical Information

What motivated you to seek or continue in this office?

If elected, what are your primary goals for the coming year?

Please explain the policies, if any, you support to address gun violence in America.

What do you see as the best path to recovery of the U.S. economy following the COVID-19 crisis? What role, if any should legislative actions play in recovery efforts?

What federal policies or actions do you support that would reduce the impact of climate change?

What is your position on adopting the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? If you favor it, how do you believe the time limit originally set for its adoption should be handled?

Do you see any need for campaign finance reform? Please explain.

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Phone: (302) 229-9380
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Age 69
Education B.A. Education, Rowan University (NJ) Majored in Sports Management, Columbia University Graduate School of Business (NYC)
Work Experience Former teacher and coach. I left teaching to pursue a career with the railroad to support a growing family. I recently completed a 35-year career with Amtrak as a locomotive engineer, operating high speed passenger trains between NYC and DC. Since retiring, I have pursued a successful acting career, appearing as Secretary of Defense in House of Cards. I continue to appear in nationally broadcast TV commercials.
Community Involvement President, Church Parish Council and Civic Association. Member, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Delaware (20+ years). Coached boys' and girls' sports. Ran for local political office.
Additional Information In honor of my daughter, I am dedicated to the prevention and long-term treatment of drug and opioid abuse and addiction.
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These are challenging times for our country and state. Before COVID-19, I witnessed our state falling behind the rest of the country, with failing schools, the loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs and the good wages that go with them, and a GDP growth rate of 0.0%, the lowest in the country. Throughout my life, I have stepped up to take the lead when needed. And we sorely need leadership now at every level of government. I will provide that leadership for Delaware in Washington DC.
My first goal will be to bring manufacturing jobs back to Delaware to re-ignite our state economy after COVID-19. I will begin with drafting and passing legislation that incentivizes pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to leave China, where it poses a significant national security risk, and return to Delaware and the United States. These efforts will be in conjunction with supporting legislation that protects and strengthens the all-important agricultural industry in Delaware. Lastly, because Delaware is disproportionately impacted by the drug/opioid epidemic, I will make sure that Delaware gets its fair share of federal funds earmarked for the crisis in order to implement a two-pronged approach: prevention on the front end, and long-term treatment for those ready to get help on the back end.
Violence must be addressed with policies that avoid knee-jerk reactions to biased media coverage. Sensible legislation is based on objective evidence on the complex causes of violence and suicide, including those involving guns. Sound policies balance public safety with Constitutional rights, and support good schools and a robust economy which discourage crime. Until recently, those deemed "mentally defective" were prohibited from owning guns. I believe, however, that Congress should enforce restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms only on those individuals who clearly display risk factors for violence, including suicide, which accounts for half of all U.S. gun violence. Risk factors include mental health issues and convictions for violent misdemeanors, domestic violence, and crimes involving controlled substances. Source: Mental Illness and reduction of gun violence and suicide: bringing epidemiologic research to policy. Annals of Epidemiology 25 (2015).
We have to get back to work. Government stimulus is a limited resource, and should be used only as an emergency solution. We should continue to ease unnecessary regulations, protect businesses from onerous legal action, and institute a three-year payroll tax for all workers to help families and the economy recover. The economy was functioning very well before COVID-19 and will recover quickly once restrictions are lifted and tax breaks are put into place. Political leaders should provide all of us with the latest factual information about COVID-19 risks, risk-mitigation, and available treatments. Local and state governments should institute guidelines based on the best data, and otherwise allow citizens and businesses to decide for themselves how to protect their families and livelihood as we safely re-open. Our Constitutional freedoms and rights must not be compromised, even in a pandemic, because the very survival of our country as we know it depends on it.
I support policies that provide clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. We need to study how the global economy interacts with the climate, making adjustments to our way of life based on science, not propaganda and fear. There are extremes on both sides of the issue, with some seeking economic activity at the expense of the environment, while others seek a clean environment at the expense of the economy. The USMCA, recently replacing NAFTA, is a good example of a Trade Agreement that seeks to accomplish both goals: supporting economic prosperity and fair trade while protecting and improving the environment. The USMCA forbids all parties from weakening environmental laws to promote trade, promotes improved air quality and the protection of the marine environment, ensures wide access to U.S. environmental technologies, combats trafficking in wildlife, timber and fish, and encourages transparency and public discourse in its implementation.
I support equal rights for all, but the ERA is unnecessary because equal rights are guaranteed under the 14th Amendment. As Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated, the deadline to ratify the measure has expired and the effort must start anew. I disagree with the intent of the ERA in its current form: “Equality of rights…shall not be denied…on account of sex.” By replacing the original ERA’s “men and women” with “sex,” the measure now seeks the same relief as the Equality Act, which protects gender identify as a civil right and empowers the federal government to impose civil and criminal punishments on anyone who dissents from gender identity ideology, including teachers, doctors, counselors, parents, businesses, and charities. In addition, the Equality Act would destroy girls' sports and the scholarship opportunities that go along with them. As a former coach of girls’ sports, I will fight to protect the rights of female athletes to fairly compete.
This subject has been talked about for decades, with very little having been done about it. Why? Current elected officials use their huge war chests to ensure re-election and thus those in power have little incentive to institute campaign finance reform. I recommend a cap on campaign spending much like the salary cap in the NFL limits teams to spend the same total amount on their players, creating a competitive balance in the league. For example, in the run for U.S. House, one could impose a spending cap on each candidate of $500,000 per campaign. In U.S. Senate, the cap could be $600,000. This measure would also prevent large corporations from unduly influencing elections.
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Phone: (202) 573-6035
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Age 57
Education Montgomery College Rockville, MD: Architecture & Engineering UMBC BS/Biology pre-med w/concentration Chemistry, Languages Anne Arundel Community Post graduate studies Psychology, Basic Home Construction. Dundalk Community College: Fitness Training and Theory Professional Real Estate School: Law of Agency Languages: English, Spanish, French, Syrian Arabic, Greek, Vietnamese, Russian, Farsi, ASL Academy of the Holy Cross - Kensington, MD St Judes Elementary - Rockville, MD
Work Experience 32 yrs real estate and mortgage banking, Senior Mortgage broker. Member of Billion Dollar Producer's Club. Analyze applicant's income, credit/asset status. Assist with credit repair. Participated in thousands of autopsies w/DC Morgue and NIMH Clinical Brain Disorders Branch. My work of histologic sections of human brain has been published in neuroscience journals, used in countless experiments. Owner Operator/developer: After School Karate and Learning Centers. Trained police. Manager Holdiay Spas 1750 K Street NW, DC. Responsibilities included: production and training of sales staff, club profitability, cash receipts, managing maintenance, service staff, resolving member disputes, payroll. Designed total fitness/nutrition programs to help people meet their fitness goals. I have given over 55,000 Uber and Lyft rides throughout the United States - keeping countless people from drinking/driving conversing w/over 250k people about issues that matter to them. Paid Chemistry Tutor UMBC
Community Involvement Developed After School Programs in which children were picked up from school, given snack, monitored while they completed their homework, checked their homework then given Tae kwon Do lessons. Parents picked them up at 6:30 with their homework and activities completed. This is thriving throughout Md, Va and PA. Worked with children of drug addicted parents providing them shelter, food and transportation to and from school. Volunteer at Antioch Apostolic Church and the Refuge in the children's center. Volunteer at Anne Arundel Hospital in ER. Raised over $10,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Volunteer at Senior Centers teaching arts and crafts. Provide free martial arts entertainment at Parks and Recreation Help those in underprivileged communities complete resumes and train them how to go after their dream job.
Additional Information 1997 - 5th place in ice skating with the Maryland State team, 3rd on the east coast. Black belt in tae kwon do with additional training in Brazilian Jujitsu wrestling and MMA cage fighting. Languages in order of fluency: English, Spanish, French, Sign Language, Syrian Arabic, Greek, Vietnamese, Russian, Farsi, Italian, German. Proficient with technology. Wrote and produced explanation of US Mortgage Housing crisis in 2009 and was 6 years before THE BIG SHORT was produced. This helped numerous homeowners understand how the banks took advantage of the people. First place at 8th grade science fair for my entomological display of insects throughout the state, citing infectious diseases carried by insects. This awarded me the opportunity to present at the National Bureau of Standards. Sales training: Earl Nightingale, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Steve Brown. Superior contract negotiation skills. Specialized: FHA 203K & Conventional renovation programs for homeowners/business
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In June, I began investigating the candidates running with the intent of reposting the information on my social media following, which exceeded 30k world wide followers prior to censorship. Upon investigating the candidates, I quickly realized that they were not knowledgeable enough to address the issue facing our country. We are at a critical turning point in America. We are threated by communist China, radical Islam, drug addiction plagues our communities,. Over 75,000 suicides have occurred since the global pandemic began when over 5 million people flew out of China in October 2019. Our education system is a disaster. Two generations of students have been dumbed down and indoctrinated with Marxist ideology. The No Child Left Behind Act has resulted in countless children not knowing how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Racial division is fueled by groups funded by George Soros who openly displays his hatred for America such as Antifa, Alqueda, ISIS, MS13, and BLM.
Strive towards higher academic standards and reducing the cost of education. Reach the goal of affording everyone in America equal healthcare at reasonable prices. Establish a SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS TASK FORCE to ensure transparency and efficiency of the spending of our nation's tax dollars. Reach a sustainable equilibrium between the environment, energy and the economy that best suits the people and our planet. Foster world peace by embracing our diversity. Encourage others to seek their true passions and rise to their highest potential.
I support legislation that provides surveillance cameras around the perimeter of schools that will alert authorities to suspicious activities and identify intruders entering campuses

I support legislation that provides funding for gun safety training in schools and businesses.

I support legislation that develops mental health programs for the public that counter the negativity they are bombarded with through TV, radio and social media.
Businesses must be fully opened without restrictions. During the lockdown businesses with Chinese supply chains were permitted to remain open with little restrictions while small businesses were overregulated or forced to close. Prior to the pandemic China had 28% GDP. I imagine this is much higher because throughout the world big box stores linked to China were permitted to remain open. Small businesses makes up 97,7% of all business in the US. If this economic shift continues much longer, China will have even more of a stronghold on America then they currently do. Medications/precious medal production must be taken out of China/production dispersed to our allies or brought back to the US. It's too high of a risk to have a communist country that participates in organ harvesting, concentration camps, human trafficking and opiod production manufacturing our critical medications. Encourage others to BUY AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS!
I support legislation that:

provides funding into research of high temperature superconductors, enabling buildings to become net power producers. Increases tax incentives for non-profit organization energy efficiency training programs and private research research projects and increase funding to the NREL. Removes arbitrary regulatory barriers to environmentally friendly energy sources. The federal government can set reasonable saftey and efficiency standards for public safety and consumer protection in the greater public interest, but these should be objectively based. Special interest groups should not be permitted to dictate this process.
Businesses should accomodate the special needs of women or stay at home dads just as they accommodate the needs of disabled individuals. Consideration should be made for protecting the family unit and helping it thrive instead of mandating work schedules that destroy the family unit.
Absolutely! In order to qualify for Delaware debates, I have to poll. However, when the people conducting the polls call the public they only give them a choice between R and D candidates. Surveys should include everyone on the ballot, especially since it is a requirement of the debates. For those candidates who are not associated with a party, they must receive 7,000 signatures between January and July - exactly the time mandates were made throughout the state preventing people from going door to door to get signatures. Again, disqualifying these candidates from the Delaware debates. The American people deserve to hear from all of the candidates who are running and not made to believe that one didn't qualify to address the public simply because the system is rigged in favor of the 2 party system. Stricter fines for those individuals stealing campaign signs or tampering with an election. More transparency detailing which special interest groups are donating through PACs.
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Address: 6 Cunard St.
Phone: (470) 723-5940
Website or social media link:
Age 45
Education Masters Degree in Computer Science
Work Experience I have worked as a computer programmer for the last 5 years. I have worked at Chase bank, the Naval Sea Warfare Center, and Simplicity Consulting during this time.
Community Involvement I am involved in the New Castle County Libertarian Party of Delaware. We do community outreach events to help people learn about libertarianism. We also do volunteer in the community to help make it a better place, like doing roadside trash pickup.
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I saw the divisive nature of politics these days and felt that I could help change that if I got involved.
Right now there has been a bill that has been introduced in the House of Representatives that would put an end to qualified immunity for police. If elected to the House of Representatives I would work to bring this legislation to a vote and vote for it. I feel that this would help hold police accountable for their actions and help put an end to police brutality.

I would also introduce legislation that would put an end to civil asset forfeiture. In the movies this is always shown as a rich white drug dealer having his Ferrari being confiscated. In reality it is an unconstitutional practice that is used to steal money from minorities. I want to put an end to this practice and will do every thing that I can to see it end if elected.
I think that a great deal of the gun violence in America is tied to the war on drugs. If we end the war on drugs then all of the gang violence associated with the war on drugs will go away. This is what happened when the prohibition on alcohol was ended. I know that many people are worried that drug use will increase if the war on drugs is ended but there are many examples where this has shown not to be the case. In Portugal they decimalized all drugs and drug usage went down. In Colorado they legalized recreational marijuana and marijuana usage went down. So if we legalize drugs in this country we could see the drug use go down and put an end to all the gun violence that is associated with the war on drugs.
The economy has been hurt by government policies that shut down the economy. I feel that the worst thing that the government can do is get involved. If we print money and give it to people it will help spending which will help in the short run, but it will also cause inflation which will really hurt people in the long run. The best course of action is for government to remove all restrictions on which business can be open. We do need to make sure that these business open safely. I feel that most business want there customers to feel safe and would voluntarily put in measures to make sure people social distance and wear masks. However if there are problems with this and businesses are not being safe and taking measures to be safe then that is when the government should step in and mandate that businesses have certain safety precautions.
I believe that there a lot of government regulations that are not good laws and cause businesses to be hostel to the regulations. There are some government regulations that say that supplements need to be treated as toxic waste because they contain trace amounts of some metal. So items that are created with purpose of being ingested have to be treated as toxic waste if returned to the store. I would want to remove regulations like this to create a working relationship with businesses to create regulations that help the environment and make sense. I would not want to remove all regulations because I know that not all businesses want to do the right thing and we need to have laws in place for when that happens.
I am in favor of adopting the Equal Rights Amendment. I feel that all people should be be equal before the law. There are two options either congress could resend the time limit that it set, or the whole process could be started over again. Starting the whole process over again would be the much cleaner solution because there are some states that have revoked their ratification. While I don't think that states should be able to revoke ratification it does create a big legal mess that I would not trust the supreme court to sort out. There are times when they have found issues that are clearly unconstitutional to be constitutional. So, the best solution would be to just start the process over and have all states ratify the amendment again.
I think there some changes that could be used for campaign finance reform. Mainly what I would want to do is remove the burdensome regulations that restrict who can give money to whom. Usually one of two things happen when campaign finance reform is enacted. Either laws are created to help the incumbents stay in power, or the laws are created prevent the companies with less money from giving but the biggest companies are exempted. Both of these scenarios are cases that we should seek to prevent. There is no evidence that there is more corruption occurring in states that have minimal campaign finance laws as opposed as opposed to the ones with more onerous restrictions. As long as there are laws saying that campaign money not can not be used for personal use, for example you can not use money donated for your campaign to buy a car, that would be sufficient.