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Delaware State House District 32

The Delaware House of Representatives consists of 41 members, each of whom is elected to a two-year term. There is no limit to the number of terms that a Representative may serve. All revenue generating legislation must begin in the House.State representatives introduce and vote on proposed legislation, approve the annual budget for the state, and serve on assigned committees. The General Assembly of Delaware meets in Dover three days a week between mid-January and the end of June.The Speaker of the House is the presiding officer of the House. The Speaker is elected to the position by a majority of the representatives to run the mechanics of the House, including appointing committees and their members and assigning legislation to committee.

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    Cheryl Precourt

Biographical Information

What motivated you to seek or continue in this office?

This year Delawareans can vote by mail due to COVID-19. Would you support continuing the vote by mail option for future Delaware elections? If yes, what modifications would you make to the current mail-in voting process?

Following the 2020 census, election district boundaries will be redrawn across the country. Do you think Delaware would benefit from having an independent redistricting commission? Please explain your position.

If elected, what measures will you develop and/or support to increase community confidence in law enforcement personnel?

How do you believe that racial inequality can be reduced/eliminated in Delaware?

What is your stance on renewable energy for Delaware, and specifically the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)?

Is Delaware's Freedom of Information Act working well for the public? What changes (if any) would you suggest for FOIA?

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Last edit date: published 10/1/2020
Phone: (302) 670-5360
Age 64
Education Graduated from Caesar Rodney High School DTCC College
Work Experience For the last 10 years I have worked for a local Mental Health practice as an Administrator and medical biller.
Community Involvement Have worked with Food Bank of Delaware helping with Covid 19 events. Caesar Rodney School Board 2012-2017. Serve on CR School Board Citizen Oversight Budget Committee Vines Community Opioid Awareness Coalition
Additional Information Former Member of U.S. Army Reserve
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What motivates me to seek office is the desire to come along side those in my community that need help and work with them to find a solution that meets their needs regardless of party affiliation.
I would not support continuing the vote by mail option for future Delaware elections. When we vote in person it provides us anonymity, accountability and privacy when voting. In addition, people can easily be coerced to vote a certain way when out of the public eye. Furthermore, the public is allowed to review a list of all people on the permanent absentee ballot list, but mail in voting we are just supposed to accept the results.
Yes, I believe Delaware would benefit from having an independent redistricting commission. Our districts and elections districts in my opinion, have been severely manipulated - not to benefit the citizens but to benefit political parties. As a candidate that walks each election district in my representative district, I have noticed that all fire departments have been cut out of my district. It is difficult to explain to citizens where the district begins and ends because the election districts are chopped up and do not flow in a reasonable pattern.
In Delaware, each county has its own unique issues regarding community safety. First of all, I would not be in favor of defunding or redirecting funds from law enforcement. I also would like to say that to get a good result we need to focus on local concerns, things that are actually occurring in our neighborhoods. Community safety and law enforcement go hand in hand. We can't have safe communities without law enforcement. Many of our law enforcement personnel in my district have personal relationship with people in the community. When asked, law enforcement representatives attend local meetings on a regular basis and they have events in the community and overall have done a good job reaching out to the community. They are here to help us, not harm us. I will work with law enforcement and I will meet with my local communities on a regular basis to listen to the needs and strengthen the relationship between my neighbors and law enforcement.
What it takes to reduce inequality in Delaware is not necessarily new laws, but being willing to have the hard conversations with people when a situation arises. We need to work with our leaders, churches, and communities to resolve inequality. The answer is not "sensitivity training". Deep seated issues will only be resolved by listening, understanding and changing the hearts and minds of the people that look at a person's skin color instead of the content of their character (MLKJ). People have to choose to do right - they can't be forced.
The Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Act is supposed to lower the consumer cost of renewable energy but it doesn't really do that. When a consumer opts for wind or solar, the cost actually gets passed on to other taxpayers through subsidies. Also due to failure of Bloom Energy in Delaware consumers are actually paying more for service and if we stay on this path, the cost will keep rising. Delaware has set a high target of 25% by the year 2025 which is higher than most every state around us. Yet, we do not have the population to support and pay for this target. Government is not supposed to form or create monopolies. We need all forms of energy to be offered in our country - we need competition.
State agencies have an online form that can be submitted when FOIA information is requested. When requesting information the person filing the form does not have to state a reason for the request. Information should be received within 15 days of request which is reasonable. At this time I do not have any suggestions for changes to FOIA.