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Delaware State House District 23

The Delaware House of Representatives consists of 41 members, each of whom is elected to a two-year term. There is no limit to the number of terms that a Representative may serve. All revenue generating legislation must begin in the House.State representatives introduce and vote on proposed legislation, approve the annual budget for the state, and serve on assigned committees. The General Assembly of Delaware meets in Dover three days a week between mid-January and the end of June.The Speaker of the House is the presiding officer of the House. The Speaker is elected to the position by a majority of the representatives to run the mechanics of the House, including appointing committees and their members and assigning legislation to committee.

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    Paul Baumbach **

Biographical Information

What motivated you to seek or continue in this office?

This year Delawareans can vote by mail due to COVID-19. Would you support continuing the vote by mail option for future Delaware elections? If yes, what modifications would you make to the current mail-in voting process?

Following the 2020 census, election district boundaries will be redrawn across the country. Do you think Delaware would benefit from having an independent redistricting commission? Please explain your position.

If elected, what measures will you develop and/or support to increase community confidence in law enforcement personnel?

How do you believe that racial inequality can be reduced/eliminated in Delaware?

What is your stance on renewable energy for Delaware, and specifically the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)?

Is Delaware's Freedom of Information Act working well for the public? What changes (if any) would you suggest for FOIA?

Last edit date: published 10/1/2020
Phone: (302) 562-4546
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Age 58
Education BS, Computer Science, University of Delaware. MS, Computer & Information Sciences Villanova University. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Work Experience [not complete, but covering the past 20+ years] 11/2012 to present--Delaware State Representative. 1/1997 to present--founder and Director of Investments at Mallard Financial Partners, fee-only comprehensive financial planning and investment management firm
Community Involvement Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence--current board member. Newark Housing Authority--past commissioner. Equality Delaware--past treasurer and board member. Progressive Democrats for Delaware--past President. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark--past Social Justice chairperson, Treasurer, and Finance Committee chairperson
Ballotpedia Page (external resource)
My 7 years as chair of my church's social justice committee, during which I worked with coalitions across organizations with common priorities, I saw the potential of our state legislature, but was disappointed at the slow pace of progress. When an opportunity arose, I jumped at the opportunity to serve in the legislature, to look out for state residents with the smallest voices, and to make our state government more fair, more compassionate, and smarter.
Yes. I believe that we can learn many lessons from this year's experience, including legislating adequate drop boxes and processes, and legislating appropriate time windows for accepting mailed ballots. I look forward to hearing of more lessons, and implementing measures to address each.
I do, however there is not time to pass legislation in time for the 2021 redistricting. I was the House Prime in 2013 on a bill to dramatically increase transparency in Delaware's redistricting process, but it was blocked by House leadership.
I will promote the adoption of all '8 that can't wait' steps at all levels of policing in Delaware. When the community gains confidence that 1) most members of law enforcement are committed to protect and serve them, and 2) when members of the police fail to do so, they will be successfully removed and appropriately punished, then they can build a true partnership with law enforcement to much more effectively support the community.
I do. I am looking forward to the recommendations from the African American task force, and from the Law Enforcement Transparency task force, and working swiftly to adopt their recommendations, and additional one, to reduce racial inequality, with implications on economics, criminal justice, healthcare, and social justice.
I strongly support it, and look forward to help champion Sen McDowell's 2020 legislation in 2021, to raise the RPS, to bring community solar to Delaware (to make it available to a much wider range of state residents, of all income levels), and to resolve the conflict between the PSC and DNREC.
I think that it is most effective when there is a vibrant media presence in Delaware, as it should be best situated to navigate the process. I have had legislation to expand FOIA to cover more of our state colleges' operations, but thus far have been unsuccessful. I would like to see costs limited for members of the public (at least say the first 50 pages a year).

Just this week the following article was shared, noting that Congressional transparency was correlated with higher special interest spending. I have not yet reviewed this article. I would like to review this to see if there are otherwise unintended consequences to some FOIA expansion in Delaware.