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Delaware State House District 07

The Delaware House of Representatives consists of 41 members, each of whom is elected to a two-year term. There is no limit to the number of terms that a Representative may serve. All revenue generating legislation must begin in the House.State representatives introduce and vote on proposed legislation, approve the annual budget for the state, and serve on assigned committees. The General Assembly of Delaware meets in Dover three days a week between mid-January and the end of June.The Speaker of the House is the presiding officer of the House. The Speaker is elected to the position by a majority of the representatives to run the mechanics of the House, including appointing committees and their members and assigning legislation to committee.

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    Larry D Lambert Jr **

Biographical Information

What motivated you to seek or continue in this office?

This year Delawareans can vote by mail due to COVID-19. Would you support continuing the vote by mail option for future Delaware elections? If yes, what modifications would you make to the current mail-in voting process?

Following the 2020 census, election district boundaries will be redrawn across the country. Do you think Delaware would benefit from having an independent redistricting commission? Please explain your position.

If elected, what measures will you develop and/or support to increase community confidence in law enforcement personnel?

How do you believe that racial inequality can be reduced/eliminated in Delaware?

What is your stance on renewable energy for Delaware, and specifically the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)?

Is Delaware's Freedom of Information Act working well for the public? What changes (if any) would you suggest for FOIA?

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Address: 18 Yale Avenue
Phone: (302) 408-0901
Campaign email:
Website or social media link:
Age 40
Education Temple University Graduate - Bachelor's Degree in Communications
Work Experience I was a teacher in our wonderful 7th District for 8 years. I was the Director of Arts Programming at our Claymont Boys & Girls Club, located in our Claymont Community Center. I was also a substitute teacher at Brandywine High School. I then went on to work in Corporate Banking for the last 9 years. My background in education has helped me to connect with the concerns of our parents, teachers and young people during this COVID-19 pandemic. My experience in finance will help me be a good steward of our tax dollars and state budget.
Community Involvement Many in our 7th District consider me to be the community involvement candidate. My decades of meaningful community service in our district have been recognized on the Oprah Winfrey Show, in front of the US Congress by Vice President Joe Biden, in a proclamation by State Treasurer Colleen Davis, and in numerous News Journal features since the 90s. I have actively worked to build bridges between Delaware’s corporate and nonprofit sectors to bring resources into our 7th District such as road repairs, jobs, workforce development programs, mentors, homeownership seminars, air quality monitors, murals, air conditioners, free COVID-19 testing sites and boxes of fresh food for hundreds of our families impacted by the economic shutdown. I serve as Co-chair of Delaware’s Banking Desert Initiative, Board Member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of DE, former Co-chair of DE’s Living Wage Coalition, Claymont Lions Club member, Arden Club member, member of DE Concerned Residents for Environmental Justice.
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I am a proud Democrat and lifelong resident of our wonderful 7th District! My love for our neighbors and our community motivates me! When local non-profits, small business owners, and neighbors didn’t feel like our local government was connected to their concerns, they asked me to run for State Rep.

Delaware is the banking capital of the US, but our minimum wage ranks 29th lowest in the nation. That’s 5 spots worse than our rank 2 short years ago. Wage inequality is having a serious impact in every neighborhood of our district. In the last 2 years, we’ve had increases in car break ins, shootings, hunger, depression and domestic violence. Maintaining the status quo and rewarding mediocrity will not fix these issues. Now, it’s time for a change! Join me as we increase our economic opportunities, fight for a $15 livable wage, ensure our children have access to safe/quality schools, improve the quality of life for our seniors, create a Medicaid Buy-In option, & protect our environment.
Continuing and strengthening our vote by mail option for future Delaware elections is a priority, especially with the current climate in Washington DC. When I connect with our seniors, they would also like to be able to drop off their mail-in ballots in a physical Department of Elections drop box outside of their normal polling place on election day. Some dismiss this nuanced request, but I honor our seniors, and I look forward to working with legislators in Dover to make this possible. Some voters don’t trust the post office, but they trust our Department of Elections.
Some Democrats don’t have a problem with gerrymandering because Democrats are in office. An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. I strongly advocate for Delaware to have an independent redistricting commission following the 2020 census. My state senate district extends from the PA line in Claymont, to the Highlands in the City of Wilmington. That many different communities, spread across that many miles is a textbook definition of gerrymandering. I will advocate to end gerrymandering if I am elected State Representative.
Our 7th District neighbors love our law enforcement personnel! There are a handful of bad officers that make the majority of our great officers look bad. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, we passed HB 350, banning the use of chokeholds. Unfortunately, the legislation has a loophole allowing chokeholds if the officer “reasonably believes” deadly force is warranted. That loophole scares our district’s parents and neighbors color. We need a State Rep that connects with our residents and advocates for their concerns, like this loophole.

Increasing community confidence in law enforcement isn’t about passing reactive legislation that scares the same people it proclaims to protect. Community confidence begins and ends with meaningful community engagement. We need increased community policing, and community lead task forces coming up with meaningful, sustainable solutions. We need State Representatives connected enough with our neighbors and our lived experiences to recognize this.
As a lifelong African-American resident of our 7th House District, I can affirm that while we’ve made progress with reducing racial inequity, it can not be fixed by elected officials who have not connected with our racially diverse communities.

Communities of color are concerned about the social determinants of health and creating healthy communities. We must address wages, jobs, healthcare, housing, daycare, education, environmental justice, criminal justice, and legislation. Communities of color need more lawmakers of color that understand this and have been doing racial justice and restorative justice work for decades. Communities of color should not have to take on the task of educating legislators about our communities of color. A prerequisite for being State Rep should be that you have already been meaningfully engaged with your district’s communities of color. We can improve our disproportionally low percent of lawmakers of color in Dover by voting for Larry Lambert.
As an active member of the Delaware Concerned Residents for Environmental Justice and Environmental Justice Health Alliance, I have spent years advocating for the increased production of energy from renewable energy sources. We need legislators dedicated to improving our renewable portfolio standard (RPS) as Delaware’s current goal of 25% by 2026 is one of the weakest of the 50 states. This should have been addressed years ago. I would be willing to support legislation that transitions Delaware to 100% renewable energy by the year 2050. I worked with a community coalition, including members of the Delaware Sierra Club, in supporting Senator McDowell’s RPS/Community Solar Senate Bill 250 this summer. I’m also working with our Claymont Community Center, Imani Energy, and the Claymont Renaissance Development Corporation on potential opportunities for brining Community Solar and Green Jobs workforce development programs into our 7th District.
A number of 7th District neighbors have shared with me concerns about the complexity of using Delaware's FOIA. There is opportunity for improvement. We need to ensure that any projects using significant public funds are subject to FOIA. Also, legislators are exempt from FOIA, but every public servant should be transparent and respond to FOIA requests.

An improved Delaware Freedom of Information Act would play a significant role in improving transparency and public confidence in our government. For too long, politicians and corporations have used the government to advance their own political gains and big-money interests. Unlike my opponent, I refuse donations from corporations and corporate PACs. Until we have true campaign finance reform (which I strongly support), allowing cleaner visibility of all donors and contributions to Corporate PACs, through a strengthened, streamlined, and more user friendly FOIA, would improve the public’s confidence in our institutions.