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New Castle County Council District 8

The County Council is the legislative arm of New Castle County government. The council includes 13 members, one elected from each of 12 districts plus the council president, who is elected at-large. Council members must be citizens of the United States, residents of their district for at least one year, and over 24 years of age when elected. The County Council studies issues that affect the operation of the government and the citizens it represents. Council writes and passes laws and resolutions that improve the operation and protect the health and welfare of the citizens of New Castle County. County Council determines tax rates, oversees county services, and authorizes issuance of bonds to finance county projects.Council members serve staggered four-year terms.

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    Michael Charles Senisch (write-in)

Biographical Information

What motivates you to seek or continue in this office?

What are your qualifications for office, and (if challenged) what differentiates you from the other candidate(s)?

What do you see as the most urgent issues in New Castle County at this time?

Of the issues discussed in question 3, which can county council address in the next two to four years, and what actions should be taken?

As New Castle County develops its new countywide “NCC@2050” comprehensive plan, what strategic changes in growth & development, land use and transportation do you think should be considered?

New Castle County Council’s actions affect the welfare of county residents. How will you keep the lines of communication open with your constituents?

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Last edit date: updated 10/6/2020
Address: 8 DARLEY ROAD
Phone: (609) 226-9901
Campaign email:
Website or social media link:
Age 63
Education Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, PA Physician Assistant Degree / Camden County College, Gloucester Twp, NJ Mobile Intensive Care / Specialty Care Transfer Unit Paramedic
Work Experience Paramedic NJ Certified of 36 years (Retired) employed by a Corporate Hospital System / Physician Assistant NJ&DE Licensed with Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, and Alternative Medicine Background
Community Involvement 36 Years of Serving and Working with Municipal Services (Police, Fire, First Responders) and Varied Diversities of the General Public
THE “WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?” CAMPAIGN National Politics affect our everyday lives through various media streams, but with Claymont’s Local Government we “invisibly” deal with every day from the moment we fall asleep, wake up, and step out of our doors. Not happy with the crime or drug issues within Claymont, with blatant Vandalism, Stolen Cars, Drug Use, and Drug Trafficking. Other issues that should be handled properly by our local government officials are disregarded with a blind eye for other areas of personal profits. We, as Americans, need to restore a very good rapport with basic family values as the structure of the family, economics, and businesses have been vastly affected during COVID, and we all need to unite to pull together to reestablish better than our pre-COVID worlds.

The ability with 36 years of serving and servicing the General Public at their most troubling, difficult, and life threatening moments of their lives and also addressing family concerns of many diverse cultures, races, creeds, etc. We all need a “voice” to be heard and represented by the people of Claymont to higher governmental officials. I AM THAT VOICE! “Think globally, act locally” is a well-worn phrase. But still, even though any local change may take a while to “trickle up” to the state government, the possibilities we can create when we take a stand in Claymont can result in many ripples and progress that positively affect the state.
Claymont on a 100% Most Safe Community rates ONLY 18% in all of The State of Delaware with crime; COVID economics was broad characterized by frustrating high rates of unemployment, foreclosures, and businesses suffering balancing personal budget from decreased revenues, increased service demands, and the costs of unfunded state and federal mandates; maintain our public servants and education systems budgets; rethink, recognize, and identify importance of seniors and older people, through their valuable contributions to society many being a vital part of our workforces, caring for our future generations, mentoring our future business leaders; needs to adopt a more cooperative attitude and take a more regional developmental approach to sustainable and economic development;
I intend to be diligent in pursuits of pushing forwards in all concerns with interaction of the council and support of state representatives.
The Claymont Renaissance Project made to assure the best in needs for ALL of Claymont's residents and future residents. I will support energy-efficient programs include retrofitting and upgrading street lighting in municipalities, installing solar panels, and construction of buildings with energy-efficient materials, among a few issues. I see Claymont’s use of economic development incentives on a local level, generating jobs and tax revenue more efficiently than on a statewide level. These incentives can also influence developers to move to our county and Claymont, which in turn may create sustainable industry and jobs within our municipality.
Phone, Emails, Letters, Drop-bys with an "Open Door Policy." From being in medicine one of my favorite quotes is from Dr. William Osler from the 1700th, "Listen to your patients, you may find out what is wrong with them." I can relate that quote to our residents and the position I am running for. If you don't listen to your constituents or have knowledge of their issues, you will not be aware or able to amend or fix the problems.