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Delaware State House District 25

The Delaware House of Representatives consists of 41 members, each of whom is elected to a two-year term. There is no limit to the number of terms that a Representative may serve. All revenue generating legislation must begin in the House.State representatives introduce and vote on proposed legislation, approve the annual budget for the state, and serve on assigned committees. The General Assembly of Delaware meets in Dover three days a week between mid-January and the end of June.The Speaker of the House is the presiding officer of the House. The Speaker is elected to the position by a majority of the representatives to run the mechanics of the House, including appointing committees and their members and assigning legislation to committee.

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  • John A Kowalko Jr **

Biographical Information

What motivated you to seek or continue in this office?

This year Delawareans can vote by mail due to COVID-19. Would you support continuing the vote by mail option for future Delaware elections? If yes, what modifications would you make to the current mail-in voting process?

Following the 2020 census, election district boundaries will be redrawn across the country. Do you think Delaware would benefit from having an independent redistricting commission? Please explain your position.

If elected, what measures will you develop and/or support to increase community confidence in law enforcement personnel?

How do you believe that racial inequality can be reduced/eliminated in Delaware?

What is your stance on renewable energy for Delaware, and specifically the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)?

Is Delaware's Freedom of Information Act working well for the public? What changes (if any) would you suggest for FOIA?

Last edit date: submitted 10/10/2020
Address: 14 Kells Avenue
Phone: (302) 547-9351
Campaign email:
Website or social media link: http://johnkowalko
Age 75
Education St. Joseph Prep Apprenticeship Mechanical Trades
Work Experience 37 year machinist Phila. Naval Shipyard and Delaware City refinery
Community Involvement Citizens for Legislative Accountability ACORN 25th District Committee Youth Soccer Coach
Ballotpedia Page (external resource)
To represent the interests of all Delawareans over the special interests of the corporations and the powerful preservers of the status quo. To bring openness and transparency to government and to ensure fairness and equitable treatment for all Delaware families and workers
Yes I support and will continue to support vote by mail. I have suggested that the Governor issue an executive order to expand the "ballot in hand" limitation to include all lawful ballots "postmarked" by election day. I've gotten no response so I've asked my caucus leadership to call an emergency session to pass legislation to that effect. I have received no response to date so I would certainly insist that such a modification be made for future elections
Yes. I've supported and sponsored bills to establish an independent redistricting commission and to reform the existing process
I hope to sponsor and support meaningful police reform and that must include a total restructuring of the police "bill of right" to force more accountability, more transparency, more public engagement and less blanket immunity for actions of the police. I also believe that a ban on chokeholds and kneeholds must be total and without exceptions or excuses.
Reform of our public education system Reform of our income tax brackets Passage of a livable wage (minimally $15hr.) Affordable Housing Elimination of environmental hazards placed in the poorer communities Acceptance that all people are created equal and deserve to be treated equally and fairly. MOST IMPORTANTLY WE AS POLITICAL LEADERS AND MEMBERS OF SOCIETY MUST PUBLICLY AND CONSISTENTLY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT RACISM, RACIAL INEQUALITY AND SYSTEMIC BIAS EXISTS AND IS REAL.
We must expand our RPS and have as our goal elimination of fossil fuel generation and commitment to renewable and clean energy as our sole energy resource
No it is not. We have many changes that should be made and I will continue my efforts to repeal the FOIA exemption for the University of Delaware and Delaware State. I think we must repeal the FOIA exemption for lawmakers emails. I think we must expand FOIA access into the secretive Del. Division of Corporations that allow for significant hidden corporate activities and LLC creations that can hide money laundering and other fraudulent and criminal activities. I would like to challenge the claim of the public/private entity known as the "Partnership for Prosperity" to a FOIA exemption which disallows anyone from questioning their decisions to disburse taxpayer monies to wealth corporations. There are many more areas where current Delaware FOIA laws fail the public interest.