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Each state, regardless of its population size, is equally represented by two senators who serve staggered terms of six years. There are no term limits. The Senate shares with the House responsibility for all lawmaking within the United States. For an act of Congress to be valid, both houses must approve an identical document. As the upper chamber of Congress, the Senate has several powers of advice and consent which are unique to it. These include the approval of treaties, and the confirmation of Cabinet secretaries, Supreme Court justices, federal judges, ambassadors and other federal executive officials.

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1. Upon election, what do you think is most important policy or action for you to accomplish in your first year?

2. Employment, income security and economic growth are always of concern to voters. If elected, what economic policies will you pursue to help Americans who are worried about their economic prospects in the coming years?

3. We have become politically polarized, particularly at the national level. Do you have any suggestions or actions you will bring to your role in Congress to address this?

4. Environmental policy has been a flashpoint recently. Are there any environmental policies that you will prioritize and bring forward legislatively if you are elected?

Age (optional) 48
Contact Phone (919) 635-0770
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Twitter @shannonbraync
Position/philosophy statement I fight for personal freedoms and liberties. I do not believe that the federal government belongs in the decisions we make within our own homes.
My top priorities include veteran services, cyber security, and personal freedom.

I want to fight for equal rights under the law for all American citizens no matter their race, sex, ; I believe that ALL humans are created equal.

One of the reasons why I am running is to find a solution at the federal level to improve the mental and physical health of our veterans; if we send them off to war, we owe this to them.

Everyday, we hear of yet another cyber attack and the lose of our personal data. We should have complete control and ownership of our personal data much like they do in other countries.
We will be facing economic issues in our state for quite sometime due to recent events with Covid-19. One of the cornerstones to my economic plan is to help people who want to go to college attend at an affordable price. Education alone will not bridge the gap. I would also like to legalize marijuana at the federal level so that it removes the hurdles that many other states have had to overcome with federal laws. Marijuana is an excellent cash crop and the revenue that will be produced would help produce jobs, help reform our legal system, and help with education costs. I would also work with small businesses to help them get up to code on their social distancing and safety measures to help rebound from our current crisis.
I am a 3rd party candidate and by definition have to "work across the aisle". I would fight for smaller government while looking to push criminal justice reform. I believe that all (wo)men are created equal and that people should be able to make their own personal choices without the federal government stepping in.
I would continue to support our SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) legislation. I believe in clean energy and the protection of our state and coastal water. I would continue to support any legislation that protects our environment and wild life in our state.
Age (optional) 46
email address
Twitter @calfornc
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Position/philosophy statement I’m running to put North Carolina first by taking on corruption so we can finally make progress on health care, climate, and economic equality.
One of the most frequent issues I hear about as I travel across the state is the urgent need to improve access and bring down the cost of health care for families, and I am committed to achieving those goals. First and foremost, that means strengthening and extending coverage under the Affordable Care Act, expanding Medicaid in North Carolina, and creating a public health insurance option. I also believe we need to allow Medicare to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies in order to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and will oppose efforts in Washington to cut Medicare benefits.
I will fight for a more equitable economy in every community by supporting efforts to create good-paying full-time jobs with benefits, rein in the cost of health care and education, defend workplace protections, raise the minimum wage, and ensure equal pay for equal work. I will also oppose tax policies that shower benefits on the wealthiest at the expense of everyone else. And because too many communities across North Carolina have seen generations of economic inequality due to institutionalized racial discrimination and the resulting disparities of inter-generational wealth, I also believe we need policies that break down historical barriers and encourage capital investment in communities of color and minority-owned businesses to reverse the legacy of economic injustice.
I am running for Senate to put North Carolina first, and for me, that means going out into our communities and listening to thoughts and concerns from folks all across our state. The best ideas for change come from roundtables, one-on-one conversations, and public exchanges of ideas -- not special interests in Washington. I believe that by listening to one another and sharing each others’ life experiences, all Americans can come to better respect our neighbors, and find solutions to the biggest problems we face -- solutions that we can all get behind. That’s what I’ll do if I serve North Carolina in the U.S. Senate.
North Carolina has seen the effects of climate change firsthand through the historic storms and flooding that have ravaged our state, which is why I believe this is one of the most urgent issues facing us. We need to invest in a clean energy economy that will create good-paying jobs, reduce carbon pollution, and make North Carolina a leader in efforts to address climate change. I will also fight to protect North Carolina’s beautiful natural resources including by opposing offshore drilling.
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Age (optional) 60
email address
Twitter @ThomTillis
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Position/philosophy statement I’m working to provide North Carolinians with the chance to achieve their American Dream. My job is fighting for their job.
One of the greatest honors I have as a Senator of North Carolina is helping improve the lives of our service members, military families and veterans. Through the MISSION Act, I helped expand veterans' access to healthcare and worked across the aisle to protect veterans from harmful lending practices. I’ve also helped the thousands of veterans and service members who have been exposed to toxicants while serving our country by introducing bipartisan legislation to make sure those who were exposed while serving at Camp Lejeune, Iraq and Afghanistan receive proper medical care from the VA. Our military members deserve the best care possible, which is why I plan to build upon the work I’ve already done and continue to find more ways to support our men and women in uniform when I’m re-elected to the Senate in November.
The way to bolster North Carolinians economic prospects is to lower taxes and decrease regulatory burdens. I proved that to be true as Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives when the pro-growth policies we implemented turned North Carolina into one of the fastest-growing states in the nation. My opponent, Cal Cunningham takes a different approach to tough times. The last time he was in charge during a recession he broke a no-tax-increase pledge and hiked taxes by $1 billion, disproportionately hurting middle-class families. Higher taxes are the last thing we need while many Americans struggle to get back on their feet as we continue the COVID-19 recovery. I have a record of cutting taxes and standing against tax increases, while my opponent’s record is the opposite. North Carolinians can trust me to protect their hard-earned dollars.
In Congress, my job is to produce positive outcomes for the people of North Carolina, but results don’t happen if you are only working with members of your own political party. The best outcomes are ones that are forged through bipartisan consensus. That’s why I’ve spent my time reaching out to members of the other side to see what policy areas we have in common and figure out where we can work together. As Speaker of the House in Raleigh, I partnered with my Democratic colleagues to help survivors of North Carolina’s eugenics program and in the U.S. Senate I introduced legislation to close a financially-harmful loophole to better help survivors of the program. I also helped pass the bipartisan FIRST STEP Act, which overhauled our criminal justice system and worked to ensure veterans are protected from predatory lending. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked with members of the opposite party to pass the Paycheck Protection Program, which saved over one million North Carolina jobs. The only way to curb political polarization is by working with people from all sides of the political spectrum, which is why I will continue to work in a bipartisan manner as long as I’m in the U.S. Senate.
Our country must continue to develop and expand clean and renewable energy, and I’ve been a longtime supporter of the solar industry. While I was Speaker of the House in Raleigh, I helped negotiate a renewable portfolio standard for North Carolina. I support more energy independence and resiliency for our military installations because renewable energy sources protect and advance our national security. I am also an advocate for our National Parks and co-introduced bipartisan National Park Restoration Act to address backlogged projects at our parks. As long as I’m in the U.S. Senate I will continue to work across the aisle to find market-driven solutions to increase our nation’s renewable energy and protect the beautiful National Parks so many of us enjoy.