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NC Secretary of State

The NC Secretary of State heads the Department of the Secretary of State, which oversees many of the economic and business-related operations of the state government. Unlike in many states, NC Secretary of State does not oversee state elections. As an executive officer elected statewide to a 4-year term, the Secretary is also a member of the Council of State. There are no term limits.

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    Elaine Marshall

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    E.C. Sykes

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What do you feel are the most important responsibilities of this office?

How will you prioritize these responsibilities if you are elected.

What are your plans to work with the NC Legislature to jointly determine the resources available to you and the legal framework of policies that affect how you carry out your responsibilities?

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Twitter @elaine4nc
Position/philosophy statement My philosophy has always been to provide superior customer service, professionally handle investigations, and constantly educate & protect consumers.
1. Cyber Security - to maintain a secure online presence supporting business creation, commercial lien depository, and other registrations and reports required by law. 2. Maintain an accessible (free 24/7) database of state records used tens of thousands a time daily. This database aids businesses make wise decisions when they buy, sell, insure, lend, borrow, or invest. 3. Maintain a well trained legal staff and law enforcement unit (both sworn and unsworn) to investigate white-collar crimes and prosecute when necessary. 4. Educate the community to help spot frauds, schemes, and more in order to prevent financial crimes before they happen.
Cybersecurity will always be a top priority as it is a race without a finish line. It requires constant training and a great deal of vigilance. Since business formation is the bedrock of economic development, timely processing of new businesses and limited liability companies is a high priority. The filing of commercial loan security instruments is equally a top priority as filings have legal significance. Maintaining a premier Securities team needs lawyers, auditors, investigators, etc.. who help the investing public by investigating licensing issues, consumer complaints, product registration, and investment advisor practices. Consumer protection is a significant priority for our Securities Division.
The budget process in North Carolina is lengthy and has many twists and turns. The process begins in January when worksheets are issued with guidelines and restrictions imposed from the state budget office. We work closely with the Governor's Budget team, Legislative Budget staff, and our Budget Committee members. Any budget expansion requires justification and fiscal notes and take a lot of preparation. After the Governor's budget is presented - there are additional procedures that follow including a justification process with our General Government Committee where we make sure our committee members understand our budget and requests. As the budget process moves through the two legislative chambers, we constantly monitor the process and respond to any issues that arise. On policy matters, a frequent presence at relevant committee meetings is essential. When there is a needed policy change, we identify members with an interest in the top, meet with them individually or in a group to work through the reason for the wanted change, how it would be implemented, how it will be funded (if necessary), how North Carolina aligns with other states on the topic, etc... in order to obtain the policy change.
Age (optional) 59
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Twitter @ECforNC
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Position/philosophy statement The former CEO of an internet technology company, E.C. Sykes is a results-driven leader that will bring transparency and efficiency to our government.
The role of Secretary of State is to promote public trust through the oversight of businesses, charities, lobbyists and securities brokers. My business knowledge and accomplishments will provide a valuable and unique addition to the Council of State. No other Secretary of State candidate nor any other Council of State candidate has the depth or variety of executive experience I bring to the Council. Working as CEO at three separate businesses provided me with experience in working with fast growing companies, broken companies and managing multinational complex organizations. It equipped me with the skills to make immediate improvements for taxpayers once in office. The new Governor does not need a Secretary of State that requires “on the job training” in high level management.
1. Use my executive business experience to lead a program with local officials to drive NC economic growth, including a brand and economic vision. As manufacturing activity and the pharmaceuticals supply chain returns to the US, NC should be a leader in capturing this opportunity for job growth.

2. Build a culture of public service by using common sense business processes to make it simpler and less expensive to do business in NC. This includes assisting entrepreneurs to start businesses, improving the quality of services, reducing waste and cost.

3. Regain trust in this office by standing with law enforcement, eliminating illegal immigrants as Notaries Public, and improving transparency.
First and foremost, I would establish a relationship with the State Legislature in order to advocate for and improve the Secretary of State office and its ability to help the people of North Carolina. This may seem like common sense, but this is something that has been absent for years. Rather than cooperating with the State Legislature on policies and legislation that affects business and jobs, the recent Secretary has opted to remove herself, preferring to maintain the status quo instead of drive improvement. I believe my background and wealth of experience gives me the knowledge and tools to effectively work with the legislature on these issues and offer guidance that no other candidate can. To learn more about the vision of our campaign, please visit and follow us on social media platforms to learn more.