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NC Commissioner of Insurance

The NC Commissioner of Insurance regulates the insurance industry in the state, licenses insurance professionals, educates consumers about different types of insurance, and handles consumer complaints. The Commissioner also oversees the Office of the State Fire Marshal, which is responsible for a host of other services that affect North Carolinians’ daily lives. As an executive officer elected statewide to a 4-year term, the Commissioner is also a member of the Council of State. There are no term limits.

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    Mike Causey

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    Wayne Goodwin

Biographical Information

What do you feel are the most important responsibilities of this office?

How will you prioritize these responsibilities if you are elected.

What are your plans to work with the NC Legislature to jointly determine the resources available to you and the legal framework of policies that affect how you carry out your responsibilities?

Age (optional) 69
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Position/philosophy statement Fighting for consumer rights and a healthy insurance climate
Consumer advocacy and regulating the insurance industry.
Will continue to make consumer rights a top priority
The Department of Insurance is a self-funded agency, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars to the state general fund. In addition DOI receives over Ten Million Dollars a year in federal grants. I plan to work with the NC Legislature to increase funding for DOI and our Fraud Control Group to hire additional criminal investigators and forensic accountants to fight crime in the insurance industry.
Age (optional) 53
Contact Phone (910) 997-1301
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Twitter @WayneGoodwinNC
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Position/philosophy statement I believe in: Fighting for low, fair rates; Championing consumer protection & access to health insurance; Fighting fraud; Helping firefighters.
Advocating for the lowest, fairest rates possible for NC consumers -- through fair ratemaking, recruiting insurance companies to promote competition, and active engagement as Insurance Commissioner on behalf of consumers -- most especially in automobile and homeowners insurance;

Holding insurance companies accountable -- ensuring they're solvent but not greedy, and that they don't harm consumers;

Fighting insurance fraud -- especially protecting our senior citizens and everyday citizens whose hard-earned money goes towards insurance;

Championing the needs of firefighters because the Insurance Commissioner is also the State Fire Marshal; for example, I'm the only candidate for Insurance Commissioner supporting presumptive occupational cancer coverage for NC firefighters and am baffled as to why NC is the next-to-last State to cover cancer;

Regulating and assisting NC insurance agents and brokers on Main Street, North Carolina;

Improving Customer service by helping consumers, insurance agents, and industry partners get answers to questions and help solving problems;

Educating consumers on how best to save money -- especially senior citizens as they choose Medicare products and avoid scams;

Ensuring building code safety;

Insisting on transparency in ratemaking by ordering more public hearings and public comment periods; and,

Serving as one of the 10 members of North Carolina's Council of State, deciding what happens to State property and the direction of our State.

My highest priority is protecting consumers from unfair rates, and from discriminatory and inadequate insurance and insolvent insurance companies.

As the MOST experienced candidate for NC Insurance Commissioner (with 8 years as Commissioner, 12 years at the Department of Insurance, 8 years as a legislator, and 28 years as an attorney and small business owner helping to fight insurance company misdeeds), I will resume my leadership in each of these areas of responsibility if elected to a 3rd, non-consecutive term.

Further, I will hire the best and fairest, most-experienced experts to help me in my mission, and not hire inexperienced, political cronies as the current Commissioner has done.

My unmatched record of service and my legislative experience will help me persuade the legislature to provide appropriate funding and changes in the law to fairly protect the public and agency customers.

In my opinion, North Carolinians expect their Insurance Commissioner to fight for issues and results that truly matter to them. For example, through rate cuts, refunds, rebates, restitution, and steady leadership during my 8 years as Insurance Commissioner I saved NC consumers $2.4 BILLION. Consumers received $206 MILLION in direct refunds at my direction, and NC for the 1st time had the lowest average car insurance premiums in the nation. My opponent has nowhere near that record whatsoever!

I know this job and how to prioritize. I know how to protect consumers and save them money.
I'm the most experienced Insurance Commissioner candidate in 2020. I worked 8 years as Commissioner and 12 years total at the Department of Insurance (including as Assistant Commissioner and before that as Assistant General Counsel). Further, I'm the ONLY Insurance Commissioner candidate in 2020 with actual legislative experience: I was elected to 4 terms to the NC House of Representatives, and served 8 years.

During all those years I drafted legislation, negotiated the agency's budget, and appeared numerous times before legislative committees for my own presentations, testimony, and answers to questions related to Chapter 58 of the NC General Statutes, insurance law, and consumer protection.

My plans to work with the legislature will be as before: Using my unique experience and special knowledge of the the legislative process, including both appropriations and the work of the insurance and judiciary committees, to advocate a legislative plan for the Department of Insurance each year.

I'm the only Insurance Commissioner candidate in 2020 with the relevant experience, an unmatched record of accomplishment, a work plan, and the actual ability to partner with the NC Legislature to jointly determine the resources needed and policy implementation required to do this job.

More than ever, we need a state Insurance Commissioner who knows this job and knows the law and doesn't delegate practically everything to unaccountable bureaucrats, as the current Commissioner has done.