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The Attorney General of North Carolina is the elected head of the state's Department of Justice. The Attorney General to serve a four-year term with no term limits. Attorney General's duties include providing legal representation and advice to all state agencies. The Attorney General also renders legal opinions, either formally or informally, upon all questions of law submitted by the General Assembly, the Governor, or any other state officer. As an executive officer elected statewide, the Attorney General is also a member of the Council of State.

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    Jim O'Neill

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    Josh Stein

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What do you feel are the most important responsibilities of this office?

How will you prioritize these responsibilities if you are elected.

What are your plans to work with the NC Legislature to jointly determine the resources available to you and the legal framework of policies that affect how you carry out your responsibilities?

Age (optional) 53
Contact Phone (336) 407-1601
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Twitter @jimoneillnc
Position/philosophy statement The Attorney General is the top prosecutor in North Carolina. I want to protect North Carolinians, carry out the will of the people & our Constitution
The Attorney General is the top prosecutor in the State of North Carolina. First and foremost, as Attorney General, I will focus on getting the backlog of 15,000 rape kits tested which has been the top priority of District Attorneys across the state. I work with the General Assembly to defend laws enacted like the Voter ID requirements through our courts. I will work cohesively with prosecutors across the state to ensure that sanctuary cities are not allowed to stand. In recent years, this office has become politicized. As a 23-year veteran prosecutor in North Carolina, my goal would be to turn the office back into an agency that protects North Carolinians and carries out the will of the people and its Constitution. I also will bring successful programs we have instituted in Forsyth County like our DATA program, the first opioid and heroine treatment program of its kind and our successful license restoration program to the entire state.
In running one of the largest District Attorney offices in the state, prioritization is something I do every single day for our citizens. I am proud that Winston-Salem was recently named North Carolina's safest city by WalletHub. In addition, we have the lowest dismissal rate in the state among urban counties for violent crime offenders and the highest conviction rate in the state when it comes to sexual assault crimes. I will bring my proven leadership as a 23-year prosecutor to run the Attorney General's office as I have our District Attorney's office. Additionally, as the head of the Justice Department, I would be the one to pick and decide which lawyers in my office appear in court to defend laws passed by the General Assembly. I will see to it that the lawyers I choose will be experienced and well-prepared on the issues, unlike what we have seen from the current Attorney General.
For the Conference of District Attorneys, I serve as the Vice President and Legislative Liaison between the Conference and the North Carolina General Assembly. I have already established strong, positive relationships with members of the House and Senate, including the current GOP leadership. I would continue to foster these relationship and build upon them as the top prosecutor for the state of North Carolina. As an example, recently the Second Chance Act was signed into law. I was honored to be one of three District Attorneys who negotiated the details of this bill with the legislature ensuring it would give deserving North Carolinians a real second chance while still keeping us all safe. As a result of these negotiations the bill received wide bipartisan support and was passed unanimously by both the NC House and NC Senate. Now, North Carolinians who had charges against them dismissed or were found not guilty in court will automatically have their records cleared; North Carolinians who committed misdemeanors and low level felonies at age 16 or 17 may have their records cleared; and all North Carolinians may have non-violent misdemeanor offenses removed from their records after 5, 7, or years of good behavior (depending on the offense(s). These changes provide these men and women a well-deserved second chance making it much easier for them to find good jobs and provide for themselves and their families. This is real, meaningful criminal justice reform!
Age (optional) 53
Contact Phone (919) 710-0143
email address
Twitter @JoshStein_
Position/philosophy statement As AG, I am protecting NC families by standing up for those who play by the rules and taking on those who don’t — because no one is above the law.
Every action I take as AG is ultimately about protecting people. I have sought justice by working to test the state's backlog of more than 15,000 sexual assault kits. I am helping to lead the national multistate investigation into the opioid manufacturers and distributors to ensure that they help to clean up the mess they created. I have held corporations that pollute our environment accountable for their actions. I have successfully advocated for legislation to protect children from sex abusers. I have defended people’s right to vote. And I have led a bipartisan coalition of 51 state AG's to strengthen efforts to end robocalls that target our most vulnerable. I will continue to lead on these and many other issues when I am reelected.
As Attorney General, I have a ‘walk and chew gum’ attitude. We can advance more than one issue at a time, especially because there are hundreds of talented public servants working at the Department of Justice. My colleagues and I have worked hard to make meaningful progress on each of these issues, and others important to North Carolinians.
In my next term as Attorney General, I will continue working with the NC Legislature to advance the interests of our state. For instance, in my first term, I helped draft three laws to combat the state’s opioid epidemic: the Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention (STOP) Act, the Heroin and Opioid Prevention and Enforcement (HOPE) Act, and the Synthetic Opioid Control Act. All of these attracted strong and bipartisan support. I also successfully championed the Safe Child Act, legislation to protect kids from sex abusers, and the Survivor Act to end the backlog of untested sexual assault kits. As a former state senator, I understand the cooperation necessary between the different branches of our government and am eager to continue working alongside other elected officials no matter their party to benefit the people of North Carolina.