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Ohio State House District 39

The 39th Ohio House District covers the geographic area in the central portion of Montgomery County including the majority of the City of Dayton, a small portion of Trotwood and all of Jefferson Township.Responsibilities of a state legislator: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in making laws which deal with matters not assigned to the federal government. Term of office for Ohio Representatives: 2 years.

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    Willis Blackshear Jr

  • John Ferrell Mullins III

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What will you do to combat gerrymandering and ensure that voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented?

Under what circumstances is it appropriate for the state to restrain or limit local government decisions?

What ideas do you have to break the gridlock on school funding and achieve a constitutionally compliant school funding system in Ohio?

What would you do to ensure free and fair access to voting in Ohio?

Describe how you will work across political differences to solve problems.

What legislation concerning gun safety would you support?

Education/Experience Education: Wright State University - Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Leadership and Involvement: Montgomery County Male Leadership Mentor, Dayton MLK March Co-Chairman, Volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club
As Ohioans, we made our voices heard. We went to the ballot box and demanded a new process for fairly drawn district maps, passing constitutional amendments by overwhelming margins in 2015 and 2018. No longer should some votes count more than others in our state. Unfortunately, the Republican leaders in our state have done everything they can to avoid drawing new maps, and we won’t have new maps until 2022. When the time comes, I will do all that I can to advocate for fairly drawn lines through a bipartisan process, as Ohio voters approved.
In recent years, we have seen numerous attacks by Republicans in the Statehouse on local governments. Our cities have home rule authority to govern themselves, and the statehouse should rarely usurp that home rule, certainly not for frivolous efforts such as banning cities from banning plastic bags.

In addition, Statehouse Republicans have made significant cuts to the local government fund to finance income tax cuts for only the wealthiest Ohioans. These cuts to the local government fund have caused Ohio cities, townships and villages to cut important services or raise property taxes to balance their checkbooks. When the statehouse disinvests in our local communities, they are disinvesting in Ohio’s middle class families. I believe our tax dollars should be reinvested in our communities, and therefore I support the restoration of the local government fund.
Finding the right formula to equitably fund schools is not easy, but it is clear that our current system is broken. I am optimistic about House Bill 305, which is currently undergoing hearings in the House Finance Committee. The bill has bipartisan support, and would invest $1.5 billion into our schools over six years while making our school funding system more equitable. If elected, I will make sure that an overhaul of our school funding system is a priority for our state legislature.
I would support expanding early voting hours, including weekend voting. I would also support automatic voter registration. Transportation can often be a barrier in voting. If elected, I will advocate for investment in our communities to improve public transportation.
I will look for opportunities to work with members of the other party when our values are aligned. For example, a bill addressing infant mortality and maternal health passed unanimously in the Ohio House last year. Also, bipartisanship will be necessary in achieving common sense gun legislation. I look forward to working with all of my colleagues to address these key issues.
I would support a ban on assault weapons, universal background checks, and a red flag law. Too many in our community have been impacted by gun violence - enough is enough. It is time for our state government to do something.
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