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Ohio Senate, District 6

The 6th Ohio Senate District covers the geographic area across the northern suburban portion as well as the southern and eastern suburban portions of Montgomery County. It is comprised of Ohio House Districts 40, 41, and 42.Responsibilities of a state legislator: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in making laws which deal with matters not assigned to the federal government. Term of office for Ohio State Senators: 4 years.

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    Niraj Antani

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    Mark Fogel

Biographical Information

What will you do to combat gerrymandering and ensure that voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented?

Under what circumstances is it appropriate for the state to restrain or limit local government decisions?

What ideas do you have to break the gridlock on school funding and achieve a constitutionally compliant school funding system in Ohio?

What would you do to ensure free and fair access to voting in Ohio?

Describe how you will work across political differences to solve problems.

What legislation concerning gun safety would you support?

Campaign Phone (937) 838-6517
Education/Experience The Ohio State University, Bachelor of Arts State Representative, 2014- Present
Twitter @nirajantani
I voted for a Constiutional amendment that was placed on the ballot for the voters in May of 2018 to fix the redistrcting process. The voters passed it. The League of Women Voters supported the measure. It will go into effect for the 2022 redistricting.
The taxpayers give hundreds of millions of dollars to local governments through the state. While I believe local government should govern locally, at certain times the state needs to be a check and balance on local governments to ensure we are stewards of the taxpayers' monies.
Since I have entered the legislature, we have increased school funding by hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. I was not in the legislature for the cuts to education funding in 2011, but since I entered in 2014, we have increased school funding. I am sure we will continue to, as much as we can afford.
There are 4 weeks of early and absentee voting for any reason in Ohio, in addition to Election Day. We have fair and free access of voting in Ohio. We will protect that.
I believe there are large differences between Republicans and Democrats. I am a proud conservative Republican. I will never compromise on my principles: pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, for small government, for reducing spending, for cutting taxes and against increasing taxes. However, on issues such as the heroin epidemic, combating human trafficking, and others where there is not a philosophical difference, certainly we can all work together to solve problems, and I have,
I am proud to have an A+ rating from the Buckeye Firearms Association, the highest possible grade from the premier 2nd Amendment organization in Ohio. I have voted and co-sponsored every pro-2nd Amendment bill in my time in the legislature. I have stood against every bill that would place addition restrictions on the 2nd Amendment and law-abiding firearm owners. We must focus on ensuring violent people are stopped, and not taking away a Constitutionally guaranteed right.
Campaign Phone (937) 701-4227
Education/Experience BS Behavioral Sciences & Leadership, US Air Force Academy; Master in Public Policy, Harvard University--- Fighter Pilot, US Air Force; Senior Manager, GE; Squadron Commander, Ohio Air National Guard; Adjunct Faculty, University of Dayton
Twitter @fogelforohio
This is critically important to me. Our new law requires a bipartisan process that creates districts that are compact and politically competitive.

As Senator, I will focus first and foremost on the role of the newly-formed Commission and how they define ‘compactness’ and ‘competitiveness’. There are ways some may try to cheat the process. So I will seek nonpartisan, outside help from universities and institutes that work with legislative bodies on creating truly fair district maps.

Second, I will ensure the new requirement about transparency is honored. The people demanded nonpartisan districts and any effort to subvert that must be called out, even if bad-faith efforts are made by members of my own party.

It is clear that the integrity and character of your Senator matters here. You have to decide who you can trust to carry out the will of the people with a genuine desire to serve and lead, and put people over party. That is my promise to you.
As Senator, I will work to pass bold legislation that improves the lives of all Ohioans while respecting local government. For example, I want to see a law that reduces or caps the prices of critical prescription drugs for every Ohioan. I feel it is appropriate for the state to prevent a local township that would somehow try to overrule that in order to raise your prices.

I also believe it is wrong for the state to withhold local tax dollars as it currently does. Right now, millions of your tax dollars are not being used in your cities and townships to address your problems. I will fix this.

I want to be clear that as your Senator, I promise to take seriously the role of the state legislature and how our laws could impact local government decisions. We simply shouldn't accept a circumstance where nothing positive gets done. We have too much work to accomplish for Ohio's families.
Let me summarize my ideas and principles:

Students come first: we must ensure a plan puts quality education above all else.

Collaboration is key: parents, educators, funding experts, policymakers & education scholars must have a place at the table.

Disadvantaged kids need our help: I believe in free, quality Pre-K for our most vulnerable.

Simplification: our current system is too complicated; we need a simpler plan that is efficient, reduces unfairness, and increases predictability.

Re-embrace public education: our teachers are a treasure, and public schools are critical to a well-functioning Ohio. We should end the unfair and misguided voucher system.

Maintain local control: local school boards know their students, parents, & community best.

Legislate with honor: bipartisan plans have been introduced, but many legislators are too afraid to take action because they are beholden to large donors and lobbyists.

As Senator, I will have a laser-focus on fixing the problem.
Among my ideas to restore faith in our institutions, voting reform is a key part. Sadly, Ohio is going backwards. We purge thousands of eligible voters, and we have obstacles like long lines, limited voting locations, broken machines, and confusing instructions. Especially when it comes to our military members, people of color, students, and seniors, these obstacles simply keep many from voting.

As Senator I will fight to: 1) Enact automatic voter registration. Perhaps nothing will do more for free and fair access to voting than this one solution 2) Expand voting opportunities, such as making Election Day a state holiday so people don’t have to choose between earning a wage and voting 3) Increase funding for election security, fraud detection, reduce lines, and sufficient numbers of fully-trained poll workers

Our lack of faith in politics, institutions, and democratic processes must be addressed. I'm running for Senate to defend our state just as I defended our country in uniform.
I am growing a large well of support from Democrats, Republicans, and independent voters because they believe in my record of servant leadership. They know I put people over party. I do not believe any public office should be a stepping-stone to higher office. As your Senator, I believe it is my sacred duty to execute my oath of office to the best of my ability in order to deliver solutions NOW.

How will I do this? I have a long track record of delivering policy results despite political differences, in everything from veteran’s affairs, economic development, health policy, public-sector business incubation, and more.

In the end, I have faith that those across the aisle are serving in order to make positive change. While we may disagree on policy, we work hard to collaborate, negotiate, and find common ground in order to propel good ideas into law. It's how I've always worked, as a leader in business, the military, nonprofits, and policy. It's how I'll work as your State Senator.
After we experienced our own mass shooting trauma, leaders from both political parties stood together to advance reasonable, common-sense gun safety.

But, despite Governor DeWine’s promise to advance these common-sense policies, some legislators have introduced a slew of proposals to actually reduce gun safety. This is shameful.

As a believer in our 2nd Amendment rights, and in-line with the vast majority of Ohioans, I will fight for Universal background checks. I will fight to enact ‘red flag laws’ that take guns out of the hands of those that a judge deems are an imminent threat to themselves or others. I support our men and women in blue, and will fight to keep weapons of war off our streets. I will fight to keep mandatory training and licensing for anyone wanting to carry a concealed handgun.

As your Senator, I will NOT fight to let 18 year-olds bring rifles to school, as my opponent wants to do, and which earned him national news coverage.

We can save lives and protect rights.