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Montgomery County Clerk of Court of Common Pleas

Responsibilities: To issue, receive, and maintain legal documents, enter judgments, and collect court costs, fines, fees, and restitution for appellate and common pleas courts, and also to issue and transfer automobile and water craft certificates of title. Term of office: 4 years.This is a special election for an unexpired term ending 12/31/2020.

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    Zachary Dickerson

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    Mike Foley

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Campaign Phone (937) 765-7997
Education/Experience Zach is a licensed attorney with a decade of legal technology experience working at LexisNexis. He is active with the Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project and serves on the Board of Zoning Appeals for Miami Township.
Twitter @OHZachD
My opponent and I agree that technology plays a central role in the daily operations of the court. The Democrat that served before him created the first e-filing system in Ohio. It was a massive step forward in efficiency. We also rely on a complex case management software. These tools sit at the heart of our court system. It is the Clerk's first and foremost responsibility to protect and maintain them.

A cyberattack hit the Clerk's office in May and disabled our computers for almost two weeks. Our current Clerk, Mike Foley, didn't have the proper safeguards in place and the courthouse was paralyzed as a result. I will make cyber security a top priority. I will also explore new tools like an e-citation system for traffic tickets and a system of litigation analytics to enable our judges to better serve the community.
The person we elect to run our courthouse should have a legal background. Judges need it and attorneys expect it. And given our reliance on complex computer systems, the Clerk also needs a background in legal technology. We simply cannot afford to let our systems go down again.

My experience in both those areas makes me uniquely qualified for this job. I am a licensed attorney and I've worked at one of the largest legal technology companies in the world for 10 years. Everything I have done in my professional career has prepared me to be the Clerk of Courts and I would be proud to serve.
Education/Experience Ohio State University- Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Mgmt/ Finance. US Army/ National Guard- Medical Specialist. Montgomery County- Clerk of Courts. Tax Time Ohio- President. Ohio BMV- Deputy Registrar. First Watch Restaurants- Area Developer
Since my election as your Montgomery County Clerk of Courts, our Office has brought transformative practices to the forefront. Technology has played a central role in improving efficiencies. While many courthouses in Ohio rely on paper filing systems, our Office is leading the way in the electronic filing of documents. Attorneys and customers can file court documents 24 hours/ day,7 days/ week online. My administration has also implemented a text message notification system, online and over the counter credit card payment processing, and a Help Center to bring extra resources to those seeking help navigating the legal system. Much of background has been in the service industry- so not only do I have the versatile abilities that range from accounting, finance, marketing and human resources, but, I also understand how to inspire staff members to devote themselves to providing friendly customer service. Our Office's priorities continue to be both Technology and Customer Service!
My tenure as Clerk of Courts has been one of increased effectiveness, transparency, and fiscal responsibility. I’m a former Ohio Deputy Registrar, veteran, and small business owner who believes in running a government office efficiently and effectively. While many offices spend taxpayer's money irresponsibly, I committed to putting one million dollars each year, for five years, back into the County Treasury for various County needs. Additionally, our quality customer service has meant the return of customers once lost. Auto dealers in the region are now choosing our Office for auto title services- bringing in millions of dollars for Montgomery County. Our public records database is one of the most accessible in the State. I believe that courthouse staff should be proactive with community engagement. Several times a week, experts from my office are sent to various neighborhood locations throughout Montgomery County to assist residents where they live, work, and raise their families.