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Ohio State House District 43

The 43rd Ohio House District covers the suburban area in the central and western parts of Montgomery County including the cities of Brookville, the majority of Trotwood, Farmersville, New Lebanon, and portions of Clayton and Dayton. Jackson and Perry Townships and most of Harrison Township are also in this district.Responsibilities of a state legislator: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in making laws which deal with matters not assigned to the federal government. Term of office for Ohio Representatives: 2 years.

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    Amy Cox

  • Rodney Creech

Biographical Information

What will you do to combat gerrymandering and ensure that voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented?

Under what circumstances is it appropriate for the state to restrain or limit local government decisions?

What ideas do you have to break the gridlock on school funding and achieve a constitutionally compliant school funding system in Ohio?

What would you do to ensure free and fair access to voting in Ohio?

Describe how you will work across political differences to solve problems.

What legislation concerning gun safety would you support?

Campaign Phone (937) 654-6678
Education/Experience Amy Cox has a BS in Biology and a Master Degree in Science Education. Amy has worked in public schools in the area since 2003. Amy taught in both urban and rural districts. Amy is married to a Union Ironworker and has 2 sons, Grant and Lee.
Twitter @voteamycox
I will do everything I can to support legislative efforts to end gerrymandering. I will use my negotiating skills and research abilities to educate people on the issue of gerrymandering and how it leads to misrepresented government. I will also sponsor and co-sponsor bills that end the discriminatory practice of gerrymandering.
I feel that the State should intervene in situations where a local community might be putting their residents in danger or inflict on their constitutional rights.
I would start by trying to get an appointment to the Education Committee. Next I would invite groups who study school funding formulas in to share their ideas and research. Meanwhile I would work to cut the fat like over testing, statewide teacher evaluations, unnecessary mandates, and allow local district more control to fit the specific needs of their communities, which would eliminate costly state mandates.
Automatic voter registration and same day voter registration is always a good way to make it easer to vote. Longer early voting hours are also a good way to give working people options to cast their votes. Vote by mail is gaining popularity as well. I will do whatever I can to ensure people can vote easily in every election, because government can’t represent the people if all people don’t have equal access to their vote.
I come from an area of conservative people who are my family and friends. Although I am a Democrat, I have no problem or fears of working with people of the opposite party. In fact, my conservative friends respect me for standing my ground and being honest with them.
Closing the Boyfriend Loophole. If there’s one thing research has shown us is that the biggest predictor of gun violence is violence against women. As it stands, Ohio is one of several states that will only confiscate weapons if you’re married to or have children with your abuser. That’s not good enough for me.
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