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Ohio State House District 42

The 42nd District covers the suburban area in the southwestern portion of Montgomery County including the cities of Germantown, Miamisburg, Moraine, West Carrollton and the portions of Carlisle and Springboro in Montgomery County. German and Miami Townships and the unincorporated parts of Washington Township are also in this district. Responsibilities of a state legislator: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in making laws which deal with matters not assigned to the federal government. Term of office for Ohio Representatives: 2 years.

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    Tom Young

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What will you do to combat gerrymandering and ensure that voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented?

Under what circumstances is it appropriate for the state to restrain or limit local government decisions?

What ideas do you have to break the gridlock on school funding and achieve a constitutionally compliant school funding system in Ohio?

What would you do to ensure free and fair access to voting in Ohio?

Describe how you will work across political differences to solve problems.

What legislation concerning gun safety would you support?

Education/Experience Miami University
Twitter @YoungforOhio
The citizens have approved the present law. I will support the law.
The relationship between local governments is complex. In Ohio, there are State Laws that govern how local governments can be formed whether it be Charter City or “Home Rule” or the range of what is called general law cities or townships all of which are structured largely by Ohio law and Constitution.

I believe Local control by elected Persons know well the needs of the citizens of their communities for basic services. I support this.

However, It is appropriate for the State to make certain the laws and Constitution of Ohio are followed by local governments. The State should intervene when the health, safety and welfare of local citizens is being ignored and rights are being violated by local officials in favor of a few.

The present funding system is not and has not been working in Ohio for quite some time. My goal would be to throw this complex, cumbersome and inadequate system to the way side. There has not been the will power nor the intestinal fortitude to take on this challenge in Columbus.

The result, is ever changing laws, rules, unfunded mandates, graduation standards, school report cards and on and on that no one fully understands including those who write and pass the laws.

I am a supporter of local control of schools. It was only when the State of Ohio started to control all aspects Ohio schools that student focus deteriorated. The State needs to play a role but it needs to be defined for the 21st Century.

There needs to be “bold” moves to return Ohio Schools to a level of excellence and it’s not just about money.

The taxpayer, the students and the teachers deserve better than what they are getting from Columbus.
There is free and fair access to voting in Ohio and elections in continue to be a model for the nation.

The efforts to improve are always there. The League of Women Voters know well how far we have come.

I do support an entire review and re design of the petition forms for candidates at all levels of candidacy in Ohio.

I support the closing of schools on Election Day.

I also support the continued review of security of all of our voting records and results.
Collaboration, empowerment and listening are keys to success in any endeavor when there are clearly defined goals and objectives. No one can do go it alone. However, true leadership can bring the right people together to build coalitions to solve problems.
Work, support and strengthen existing efforts for mental health care and healing. In the age of social media young people under the age of 30 having been killing at a historic pace.