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Montgomery County Commissioner Term Begins 1/2/2021

Responsibilities: To exercise financial control of County expenditures; to authorize public works; to purchase land and buildings; to let contracts; to plan and administer welfare. The Board of County Commissioners also appoints other officials to operate various departments. Term of office: 4 years.

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    Judy Dodge

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    Arlene J. Setzer

Biographical Information

If elected, what initiative will be your top priority for the next four years?

What is the proper role of the county government in emergency preparedness and disaster response?

What have you done to broaden your perspective in order to address the needs of a diverse body of constituents?

Campaign Phone (937) 387-8726
Education/Experience 2006, 2008, 2012, 2016: Elected Montgomery County Commissioner 2000 & 2004: Elected Montgomery County Recorder. 1996-2000: Assistant Court Administrator, Montgomery County Domestic Relations Court. 1991-1995: Regional Liaison, Ohio Attorney General.
Twitter @dodgejudy
From infrastructure upgrades to economic stability, there are many important strategic initiatives underway in Montgomery County. However, my top priority will be to continue to champion a comprehensive, system-wide approach to improve our residents’ food security through the Food Equity Coalition. We know that food insecurity can be influenced by income, employment, ethnicity, and disability. Access to healthy food and nutrition is a primary social determinant of health outcomes for our residents. We know that we can do more to improve food access for all our residents, and we know that we can do more together than working separately.
As shown in 2019, the county government has an essential role in responding to disaster and preparing for emergencies. After the Memorial Day tornadoes, county staff immediately opened the Emergency Operations Center, and worked with local Fire Chiefs and Utility Crews to shut down gas lines and remove fallen power lines. Our County Engineer department crews and Solid Waste staff assisted with debris clean up. Our Building Services personnel helped local officials conduct damage assessments. Our Jobs & Family Services and Workforce Development staff sent out mobile crews to help residents obtain food and unemployment assistance. Montgomery County also established two unique long-term recovery networks, one focused on individuals and another on communities, to help coordinate planning and resources for the rebuilding process.
During my tenure in elected office, I’ve been determined to be a listener first. My job as County Commissioner is to represent all constituents in Montgomery County, regardless of political party, income-level, race or geography. Hearing and understanding the diverse points of views of our residents is truly one of the favorite parts of my job. My door is always open, and I hope that residents agree that I have a proven track record of responding to their concerns, and working together to create solutions to issues that they face.
Education/Experience B.S. Business Administration, University of Dayton, M.S. Educaton, Wright State University, attended Fairview High School
My role as a County Commissioner is to ensure government works for everyone in all 28 of our communities. My many years as a public servant has taught me to be a problem solver. I will ask hard questions and demand answers. When necessary, I will roll up my sleeves and go out in the field to see for myself because so many times the people who do the work are the ones who know the best solution.

The Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center needs to be the coordinator, the point agency, that communities contact during disasters and should serve as the source of preparedness, guidance and instruction. Mock trials on a variety of emergency situations should be conducted on a regular basis. While there were no deaths directly attributed to the Memorial Day tornadoes, the truth is, we were just plain lucky. Still to this day, there are blue tarps over too many roofs, fallen trees laying on the ground and families longing to return home. There is much work to do and I want to be a part of it.
I was honored to serve as: Mayor for the City of Vandalia for 8 years, Ohio State Representative for 8 years, served as Chair Education Committee for 6 years, Vandalia City Council for 18 years. I have wonderful memories as a Vandalia High School teacher for 33 years.

In Montgomery County I have served as: Vice Chair 1st Suburbs, Appointed to the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, Visions Committee of Vandalia Butler Foundation, as a state representative secured funding for Aullwood Audubon Society building and to address handicap accessibility, Board Member, Dayton Workforce Partnership, fundraising co chair Vandalia Food Pantry, Past President of Vandalia Rotary, served on Rotary District Board, Advisor to over 20 student organizations and events, 20 year caretaker for my dear mother, the last three years she struggled with Alzheimer's.