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Greene County Commissioner Term Begins 1/2/21

Responsibilities: To exercise financial control of County expenditures; to authorize public works; to purchase land and buildings; to let contracts; to plan and administer welfare. The Board of County Commissioners also appoints other officials to operate various departments. Term of office: 4 years.

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    Colin James Morrow

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    Rick Perales

Biographical Information

If elected, what initiative will be your top priority for the next four years?

What is the proper role of the county government in emergency preparedness and disaster response?

What have you done to broaden your perspective in order to address the needs of a diverse body of constituents?

Education/Experience I’m a defense contractor, a Soldier of 33 years, the Deputy Mayor of Fairborn, and am a member of the City Council. I hold an MA from Wright State University and a MS from The Army War College. I am a Colonel and Brigade Commander in the USAR.
My top priority for Greene County will be economic health. Establishing and maintaining low tax rates without compromising our public services. Creating a business-friendly environment that fosters continued and new economic development. Investing in critical infrastructure in our townships, villages and cities with collaborative engagement that fosters input from local governments and not just direction from county officials.
County government must have resources (manpower, supplies, equipment, and emergency response plans) at adequate levels and good working order to respond to emergencies. 2019 was a challenging year for the Miami Valley; what we know is that we have a community that is ready and willing to step in and support our county efforts to respond to crisis. Our first responders are second-to-none and I couldn’t say enough about my appreciation for them. County government needs to be prepared to respond to emergencies by having clear procedures in place, having a clear communication plan to assist our residents with access to resources and support, and relationships built with our neighboring counties to ensure we can provide and receive mutual aide when needed.
The most impactful thing any candidate can do,is listen. Listen to commissioners and during commission meetings to hear what is coming to the table as citizen concerns. Listen to the families and farmers in Greene County to find out what hurts and helps their ability to farm their land. Listen to neighbors to learn what parts of infrastructure are meaningful to their daily lives—access to hospital care, roads, and technology. Listen to small businesses express their challenges with taxes and development. As a commissioner, my job working for Greene County starts with listening, learning and working to make our communities reflect what our citizens and their families need and doing so with good faith, transparency, and intelligent decision making.
Campaign Phone (937) 831-9544
Education/Experience BS Auburn University, 1982 MS Troy State, 1992 USAF Civil Engineer Officer, 15 years University of Dayton, Exe Dir Facilities Management 1999-2013 Mayor, Beavercreek 2001-03 Greene County Commissioner 2005-13 Ohio State Representative, 2013-Current
Twitter @peralesforohio
My focus will be Wright Patterson AFB, the single site largest employer in Ohio with 30,000 employees and a $16B regional economic impact. It’s impact on Greene County and surrounding areas are immense. I will ensure Ohio’s officials–federal, state and local officials continue to work together assuring WPAFB is properly situated to be attractive for mission relocation and/or future BRAC opportunities. As a Commissioner, I led a regional coalition to San Antonio during the BRAC 2005 win ensuring the required personnel and skills came to our region along with the 1,200 new jobs. I have been instrumental in numerous bills making Ohio one of the top military/veteran-friendly states in the country. We must be diligent with our support of WPAFB. The jobs that come to WPAFB are sustainable for decades as long as we keep our region military supportive/friendly. These jobs create wealth and help sustain and improve our schools and infrastructure, while supporting our women and men in uniform.
County government has a very important role in emergency preparedness and response. We saw a great example of that during the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes. Greene County Emergency Management Agency (GCEMA) works as a liaison between Ohio EMA/Federal agencies and our local jurisdictions. In this capacity, GCEMA ensures emergency plans are established, manages training exercises, delivers public education and ensures necessary equipment (i.e. radios, state resources) are available and operational. Clearly the more prepared we are before the incident will ensure our resiliency during and after a disaster. During and after the incident, County EMA works with the respective jurisdictions ensuring necessary resources are properly aligned with the affected citizens. Although the Memorial Day tornadoes were devastating, the County's (along with local governments) impact most certainly minimized and greatly assisted with the recovery.
There few organizations more diverse that the military. During my career in the USAF, especially as a Commander, I had hundreds of diverse troops under my command. I ensured that we worked as a team towards a common goal, with respect and appreciation for each other’s uniqueness and contributions. In the Ohio General Assembly, I was a leader in non-partisan bills working with my colleagues across the aisle to get necessary legislation done for our constituents. I am of Hispanic heritage, and as such I serve as the House of Representatives liaison for the Ohio Latino Affairs Commission. But most importantly, I am a 24x7 elected official; always available for the people I represent. I attend events throughout the county and I am never too busy to talk to anyone, and understand their plight. I truly respect, listen to and work for the people I represent.