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Montgomery County Commissioner Term Begins 1/3/2021

Responsibilities: To exercise financial control of County expenditures; to authorize public works; to purchase land and buildings; to let contracts; to plan and administer welfare. The Board of County Commissioners also appoints other officials to operate various departments. Term of office: 4 years.

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    Deborah A. Lieberman

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    Bob Matthews

Biographical Information

If elected, what initiative will be your top priority for the next four years?

What is the proper role of the county government in emergency preparedness and disaster response?

What have you done to broaden your perspective in order to address the needs of a diverse body of constituents?

Campaign Phone (937) 603-3037
Education/Experience Montgomery County Commissioner 2005-Present Clayton City Council Member 1998-2005 Montgomery County Auditor's Office 1991 - 2004 (Chief Deputy Auditor 97-04) Indiana Central University 1983 (BA) University of Dayton Law 1986 (JD)
Montgomery County is facing a wide variety of issues that we continue to address. Some of our biggest issues are concentrated and generational poverty, Workforce Development and the ongoing opioid epidemic. I have worked to bring new ideas, resources and accountability to these issues as a county commissioner. When we worked together by bringing all of the stakeholders together, my community has seen a significant improvement in these areas. We have seen significant job growth over the last several years and we are training our Workforce to be ready to work those jobs.

We are establishing a new pilot program in 2020, “The Path Ahead” to help guide individuals and families from poverty to self-sufficiency. If we can prove the model, we will work to make it the standard for working with families experiencing poverty.

Another example is, our accidental overdose death rate has fallen by over 50% and stabilized over the last 18 months.
On Memorial Day of last year, our County was devastated by several tornados that touched down; including an EF4 tornado. As a County, we focused on public safety, initiating search and rescue operations, ensuring citizens in need had proper medical care, and assisting with evacuation procedures for people that were in dangerous situations. It was a collaborative effort with our local Emergency Response teams.

Currently, we find ourselves in the next stage of our recovery process, the Long-Term Recovery Phase. At this time, the County is working with a coalition of local organizations to determine the needs of those in our community and to determine the best way to assist these community members.

The County has resources from Public Health to local organizations to quickly and effectively assist those in the community in the face of tragedy. This is something that our community is all too familiar with following 2019.
As a County Commissioner, I have had the privilege to serve not only my community, but also to serve in a leadership capacity with CCAO (County Commissioners Association of Ohio) and NACo (National Association of Counties). I have an opportunity to have my finger on the pulse of my community on a daily basis and I am able to see and hear all of the issues facing counties throughout our state and our country and how other leaders are able to address them. This has given me insight on how to handle situations as they come and it has given me the ability to serve a diverse constituency like we have here in Montgomery County.
Education/Experience MS Computing Science - Texas A&M University 40 + years of Information Technology and Project Manager experience Miami Township Trustee 2014 - 2017
Facebook http://@bob4cc
Helping families deal with problems in the area of Health Care and Finances. I will create training and support programs that will help people navigate the complexities of these critical areas in their personal life. I will make sure that existing county programs will be enhanced to provide the best possible service for the citizens of Montgomery County that use them. This will be accomplished by reducing wait times and unnecessary trips to agencies for service.
The county should prepare for, and be ready to respond and recover from disasters. As part of their job, the commissioners must do everything possible to prevent disasters. To meet the above goals, the commissioners must work with local responders to create plans, conduct training, and secure equipment that enhances emergency response in Montgomery County.
For the last 20 years I have been involved as a volunteer to multiple inner city churches. At these churches, I taught Sunday School, played piano, led music, ran sound, and provided IT support.

I also worked directly with the families of these churches, providing help, transportation, automotive repair, etc. as needed. I created seminars on conflict resolution, financial management, and other topics. I taught 4 young adults to drive and obtain their drivers licenses.

This experience has broadened my perspective on the needs of people in Montgomery County.