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Allen County Treasurer - Term Commences 09/06/21

Responsibilities: To collect taxes in the county and its subdivisions, disburse expenditures, and invest county funds.Term: 4 yrs. Salary: $67,525.

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    Evalyn M. Shaffner

Biographical Information

How can the services provided by the Allen County Treasurer's Office by maintained or improved?

Current Job Position Allen County Treasurer
Education Associates Degree in Accounting
Training & Experience 24 years with Allen County (Civic Center, Auditors' Office & Treasurers' Office
The Treasurer's Office has continued to improve efficiency & taxpayer service. We have a well-trained team with many years of experience. Understanding the process of real estate taxes is a must for the Treasurer, starting from how the values & tax rates come about to the final balancing & distribution to the entities that are funded from those taxes. I feel working first in the Auditors' Office, where the valuations are derived has given me an advantage to knowing the process. Also working in the Treasurer's Office as Chief Deputy of Finance, I obtained the knowledge of balancing the daily receipts of real estate taxes as well as mobile home and our in house escrow program. Someone coming in fresh, would not have the background knowledge of daily balancing and processes; along with monthly, biannually and annual processes.