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Kaua`i County Councilmember (vote for 7)

Duties: The County Council consists of seven members and is the legislative and policy-making body of the Kaua`i County government. Council powers include the authority to enact zoning ordinances; exercise eminent domain powers; formulate and enact an annual operating and capital budget; adopt a pay plan for employees exempt from civil service; authorize and issue general obligation, improvement, and revenue bonds; borrow money on anticipated tax collections; investigate the operation of any county agency or function and any subject legislated upon; and adopt a general plan for the County. The County is expressly forbidden to interfere with the administrative processes delegated to the Mayor.How Elected: The County Council consists of seven members who are elected at large. A candidate must be a qualified resident and registered voter of the County for at least two years immediately preceding election or appointment. Term: Two years, limited to a maximum of four consecutive full terms.Base Salary: Councilmember - $63,140; Chairperson - $71,033

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    Luke A. EVSLIN

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    Kipukai L.P. KUALII

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    Wally K. NISHIMURA


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What, if any, actions would you work towards in your first 100 days to address the threats facing the U.S. due to climate change?

Age 52
Education Some college
Campaign Phone (808) 635-7549
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In the words of Aunty Pilahi Paki, “The world will turn to Hawaiʻi as they search for world peace because Hawaiʻi has the key... and that key is ALOHA.” I believe I bring Aloha (LOVE) to the table. We have to write the story our kids will share with their kids about this global pandemic and civil unrest that story needs to inspire and remind them of a time when we were vulnerable, worried and unemployed. Our kupuna, our ancestors were sustainable and camp living truly brought people together irregardless of ethnicity or color. We need to show love, teach love and be examples of love. The issues we face have been ongoing and we have to face them together with aloha.
To perpetuate our Hawaiian values and native practices and to preserve and protect our island. Our values are explained in the ALOHA anagram- akahai, lokahi, oiaʻiʻo, haʻahaʻa, and ahonui this was the way of our kupuna and we need to pass them on to our children. They need to know how to fish, gather limu, cultivate salt and plant kalo so our traditions live on. Malama Honua is a concept tied to our waʻa the hōkūleʻa and our navigators but it means to care for our island earth. We have to be able to ensure, with absolute certainty that our keiki will have access clean water, that our land will be able to provide, nourish and sustain. We have to model the way. I ka nana no a ʻike- by observing one learns (Olelo Noʻeau).
Our islands have a fragile ecosystem, we must instill sustainability. We need to be more responsible to take less and waste less. Covid19 while tragic, unveiled what scientists have tried to solve for years as the air quality improved and marine life flourished. It is our Kuleana (responsibility) to nurture the land "Malama Aina." I will continue do this by protecting our forest, our beaches, planting trees, farming, recycling our waste, and reducing our footprint. "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; We borrow it from our children" Native American Proverb.
Age 33
Education Doctor of Chiropractic - Life Chiropractic College West; Audio Production - The Art Institute of Seattle
Military/Community Service President of the Rice Street Business Association Vice President of Lihue Business Association Board Member of Kauai Chamber of Commerce Board Member of Hawaii Foodbank - Kauai Board Member of Leadership Kauai Board member of Hale Opio Kauai Member of the Kauai Lodge, Free and accepted Masons Member of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organization Past board member Junior Achievement Kauai Past member of Rotary Club of Kauai Past director of the Filipino Chamber Past director of the Kauai Filipino Community Council Past board member of the Board of Ethics, County of Kauai Past board member of the Workforce Development Board, County of Kauai
Campaign Phone (808) 652-1442
Campaign Email
The challenges ahead for Kauai County Council is daunting and I believe I can contribute to the county council to find and execute solutions. I feel confident that I qualify for this position because of my history of public service as a healthcare professional, my experience as a business owner, my Kauai values, and my determination in helping others live better. I also bring an element of level-headedness and innovation that will be important in these trying times. Lastly, I believe in my ability to work well with teams as a synergist and I know we won't be able to overcome these challenges without working together.
I believe goals are imperative and as a future councilmember, I'm working on understanding each department's goals so I can better work collaboratively with the current administration. There are many ongoing projects that just may need assistance and hopefully, with my involvement, we can become more effective. If elected, my first priority is to help current businesses survive the ongoing economic challenge so our people can stay employed or get employment. The second priority would be to innovate and upgrade existing systems to create more efficiency in our county government.
Act local, think global. The effects of climate change are experienced worldwide and we need to take every little step we take towards creating sustainable and holistic systems. It's to no surprise we have groups here that are leading their industry in environmental actions and that's because we are culture is inclined to have a relationship with our environment. My hope as an elected official is to continue the support our county initiatives that are making progress on climate change issues and look to adopt or create policies that are aligned with making a positive impact on our environment.
Age 59
Education Kapaa High School Graduate (1979) University of Hawaii Graduate (1984)
Military/Community Service Coalition for a Drug Free Hawaii, Kawaihau District Leadership Coalition; PTSA President, Kapaa High School, Coach
Campaign Phone (808) 482-0381
My intention is to run for Kauai County Council and bring "Leadership with Lokahi" (unity),..Together we are Stronger! I bring experience within government as a civil servant for seventeen years, appointed Department Head for six years and Mayor of the County of Kauai for ten years. I have the ability to reach out into our community, listen to the needs and concerns of our people and work together with my fellow Council Members and County Administration in finding solutions. My experience has been not only finding solutions, but creating an action plan that involves all branches of County Government to include State and Federal levels as well.
We are all in a crisis right now and of course I would want to join the efforts of all current leaders and future leaders in supporting and/or enhancing what the new norm of doing business could be. The two areas that I feel need attention now is our Agricultural Future and to continue to build a Self Sustainable Economy. I would continue to support the efforts of the Aloha Plus Challenge program that is a state-wide program with each island working on producing and enhancing the six sustainability goals for 2030. 1) Clean Energy 2) Local Food Production 3) Natural Resource Management 4) Solid Waste Reduction 5) Smart Sustainable Communities and Green Workforce and Education.
As a council member, I would provide all my support in addressing Climate Change based on the real life experiences we've encountered here on our Island of Kauai. From major Hurricanes, to life threating floods that devastated our Island and we made it through. I believe it's all about management and planning wisely. Monitoring sea level rise, clearing and maintenance of our rivers and streams, reaching out and seeking resources to continue to develop and create a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan that addresses prevention, protection and preservation of our natural resources. It is imperative the we seek resources at all levels of government to assure that the people we serve receive reliable and efficient information.
Age 49
Education High School Graduate, Kamehameha Schools; Bachelor of Arts, University of Hawaii Manoa
Military/Community Service Community organizations/prior offices held: 1. The County of Kaua`i, Drug Prevention Coalition, Chair 2. The Kamehameha Schools Association of Kaua`i, Director 3. The Kamehameha Schools Alumni Association of Kaua`i, Vice President 4. The Kaua`i Planning and Action Alliance, Director 5. Kaua`i Workforce Investment Board, Youth Council Member 6. Filipino Chamber of Commerce, Member 7. Kaua`i Chamber of Commerce, Member 8. Association of Experiential Education, Member 9. Leadership Kauai, Vice President 10. Hoʻouluwehi Sustainability Advisory Council, KCC, member 11. American Heart Association , First Aid and CPR Instructor 12. Kauaʻi Fire Department Relief Fund, Board Director 13. Kanu I Ka Pono Charter School, Board Director, Founding Board Member 14. Fatherhood Coalition, Founding Member 15. Keiki To Career, Leadership Council 16. Anaina Hou, Cultural Advisor 17. Certified Master Facilitators of The Leadership Challenge 18. Certified Trainer, Everything DiSC Workplace, Work of Leaders, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team 19. Association of Challenge Course Technology, member 20. Mālama Hulēʻia, Board President 21. Kauai Education Leadership Alliance member 22. Kauai Area Complex Ho‘okele Council member 23. Kauai Resilience Project, Chairman 24. Kauai Men’s Conference, Facilitator
Campaign Phone (808) 651-7013
Campaign Email
It has been an honor to work for the people of Kauai as a council member first appointed and then elected over the last consecutive seven years. If re-elected, this will be my final term due to term limits. I have been able to achieve much of what I set out to accomplish, by increasing community engagement, providing government access to the people, and bridging ideas between opposing perspectives at our council. I have worked successfully with our last two administrations and have pioneered positive change for Kauai. As the Planning Committee Chairman, my current term has been the most productive in passing legislation to help our local housing and planning needs. I am confident that I can capitalize on this productivity if allowed.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our county is at financial risk. I will be focused on how to make our county financially stable through budget adjustments. I believe this will take up a huge amount of our effort within the next term. I will be focusing my energy on our economic development plan. As a county, this is a plan I have been actively involved in to restart our industry sectors. If elected, I will be able to act on the opportunities identified by our collective community to invest in new or desired industries that will in turn assist our economic recovery. In addition to our recovery, I intend to focus on opportunities that retain our rural way of life by regulating high risk activities that threaten our people and environment.
I have and will continue to address the threat of climate change by supporting funding towards our County EV charging stations, our Climate Action Plan, and implementation of hybrid buses. I will continue to work at coordinated efforts with Kauai partners to increase initiatives and education campaigns in our community. If bill 2775, I recently introduced passes it will ban polystyrene containers and move us another step closer to an island wide single use plastic ban. I will be active in instituting these laws. In addition, I will continue towards building capacity towards our food composting program and work on increasing our landfill diversion initiatives. Lastly, I'll be actively considering alternatives to our future landfill.
Age 58
Education BS Engineering Elec./Comp Sci 1984 Northern Arizona University
Campaign Phone (808) 652-4363
Campaign Email
"Putting People First" is my campaign motto. It has been an honor to work with the citizens of our island to help solve their concerns ranging from infrastructure needs, neighborhood conflict, ability to find housing, adapting to the natural forces surrounding them and assisting interface with government. I make house calls. With every policy that is in front of me, I look to understand the practical level of how it impact people's lives on a daily basis. My council position is the primary focus of my life at present. Municipal government needs to assist and empower the community rather than impose unnecessary controls and restrictions. Fiscal responsibility and infrastructure improvement are our primary responsibilities and have my focus.
My larger goal is a resilient, self-reliant economy. Access to stable, affordable housing is our most pressing need. The cascade of struggles that confront our population largely stems from housing instability. In agreement with our general plan, development in our town cores will assist with reclaiming walkable communities, more affordable infrastructure and less traffic. Honoring the retention of each community's unique history is of high value. Extra care will be needed this year in the wake of this economic crash to help small businesses, families, and the county itself to recover. Holistic watershed management is critical with the changes that have occurred in land use, flooding, and forestry. We must wisely use this pivotal moment.
Climate Change reduction is informed by the recent experience of the global COVID19 pandemic. It has provided the lesson that "Yes, we can" globally change our collective behavior to have a lighter carbon footprint and drastically reduce our rates of consumption and fossil fuels if we so decide. We need to encourage the continuance of the new habits we have learned including more remote work and tele-conferencing; encouraging complimentary work schedules to reduce traffic and the need to build new roads. Most important is to focus on the building of a localized economy, simplifying our needs, and growing our own food. We need to take a creative look at refining Hawaii's heavy reliance on tourism to become the host rather than the servant.
Age 58
Education St. Louis High School 1980 University of Notre Dame, 1984
Campaign Address 6677 Iliki St
Kapaa, Hi 96746
Campaign Phone (808) 639-0350
Campaign Email
I have been on Kauai for so long and I love the community so much and now I want to help direct it's path. This pandemic has presented a unique opportunity to reset our direction regarding tourism and what it's doing to our lifestyle. We have become too reliant on the tourist dollars. No is the time to determine smart future-forward ways of diversifying; ways which protect the uniqueness and beauty of the island while satisfying the islands economic needs. Three questions I will ask before presenting or voting on any issue is: Is it fair?, Is it right? And is it good for Kauai's future?
1) Reduce Rental Cars on Kauai by promoting extensive island-wide bus service and allowing Kauai to embrace the Uber and Lyft concepts.

2) Build a drug rehab center on Kauai next to Kauai Community Correctional Facility. This one is not going to be easy, but the dialogue needs to start now.
Since the Pandemic, for Kauai, there have been less rental cars, less people with sunscreen, less trash on the beaches. The air is cleaner, the water is cleaner. We need to address the influx of tourist to Kauai or at least control the amount of cars being driven. 30,000 tourist a day, 10,000 rental cars a day! Our Island cannot handle it. We need to get smart about limiting the drain on our beautiful island.
Education Bachelor degree in Business Concentration economics Bachelor degree in Education
Military/Community Service N/A
With all the problems we are facing in this ever fast changing world, I believe we need visionary leadership that can secure our sustainable position in the decades to come.
1. Farm to live communities on long term state lease land where farmers can build single wall plantation style homes and farm right from their back yard. 2. Create a work to graduate program with a partnership with the DOE, County and Private sector so our graduating high school students can obtain a special skill while still in high school and jump into our work force and be a community contributor right out of graduating high school. We can no longer depend on our children carrying luggage, parking cars and or putting umbrellas in tropical drinks at our hotels. We need to diversify and secure our food production.
Be more responsible for recycling
Age 35
Education - Kauaʻi High School, 2003 - Claremont McKenna College, coursework in government, 2003-2005 - University of Hawai‘i, Bachelor of Arts in history with coursework towards a minor in business, 2005-2007 - University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy, Master's of public administration with a focus in public policy, 2017- 2020
Campaign Address PO Box 1214
Lihue, HI 96766
Campaign Phone (808) 635-6623
Campaign Email
Twitter @LukeEvslin
I am running for re-election so that I can continue to serve my community. As a lifelong Kaua'i resident, a small business owner for 13 years, and three months away from achieving a Master's degree in public administration with a certificate in public policy-- I believe that I am uniquely qualified for the job. In my first 18 months in office, I've introduced and passed nearly a dozen bills to try and reduce the cost of housing while ensuring that residents can find an affordable home close to where they work. If re-elected, I hope to continue blazing forward on housing and land use policy that reduces the cost of housing while preserving agricultural land and open space.
My two primary goals are to reduce the cost of housing and help bring Kaua'i's carbon emissions down to zero. These are largely overlapping issues because emissions from transportation are our largest source of carbon emissions on Kaua'i and transportation emissions are driven by where we're building houses. For the last 50 years, we've made it progressively more difficult to build homes close to jobs, and so the few homes that are built are being built further and further away from our town cores. This raises the cost of housing and forces residents to commute further and further distances which increasing our contribution to climate change. The solution to both problems is to reduce barriers to building housing close to jobs.
At a local level, the three primary levers we have on Kaua'i to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are: 1) building homes closer to jobs to reduce transportation emissions; 2) reduce the amount of waste (especially food waste) that enters the landfill and breaks down into methane; 3) ensure that we retain and expand forested areas.

I have spent this entire term trying to reduce barriers to home construction within our town cores to reduce the amount that we all have to drive, and my climate change priorities for the next term are to: 1) fund a climate action plan (which can identify specific local strategies to get us to zero emissions); 2) to prohibit commercial food waste from entering our landfill.
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Age 37
Education High School
Military/Community Service 2011-2016 (Volunteer) Commissioner on Kauai Charter Review Commission ; 2011-2016 (Volunteer) Mayor's Crime Task Force
Campaign Phone (808) 639-2520
I am the owner and operator of the only bookstore on Kauai, Talk Story Bookstore in Hanapepe, which I started over 15 years ago. It pains me to see long-time small businesses who are permanently closing because of the economic effect of this crisis, and the lasting impact that their absence will have on the island. It is clearer now than ever that we as a community must diversify Kauai's economy--we cannot keep ourselves primarily dependent on tourism. With tourism shuttered and its future uncertain, the economic impact eventually affects everyone, in every area. I am a community member just like you. I only want to be of help as our County faces this uncertain future. If you feel I can be of help, then please vote for me this election.
1st Goal: Diversify Kauai's economy, starting by reviving diversified agriculture to this island, especially foods. We could grow enough food to feed all of Hawaii and export any excess. Right now, Kauai produces barely 10% of the state's agriculture. The County can create incentives, such as a multi-year 0% ag land tax rate & infrastructure assistance from the Water Dept. for ag land owners that begin to or are pursuing & creating diversified agriculture. 2nd Goal: Recognize agriculture as critical infrastructure because of our geographic isolation. If this pandemic was even worse, where nothing was allowed to come to the island, our food supplies would not last long. We must ensure we can keep ourselves fed in long-term emergencies.
If we were to address this matter at the County level, there are two things that could help in the current effort to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere: 1) Bring Back Agriculture: For example, growing just one acre of corn removes 8 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in a single growing season. This is far more effective than the guinea grass that covers ag land now, which removes only a fraction of that amount in the same span of time. 2) Ban on County Purchasing Materials Made in China: China is the world's largest polluter. It is better for the environment and for our economy that the County purchase goods & materials made in the USA whenever possible. It may cost a little more, but our having a stable future is worth it.
Age 39
Education B.A. Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR - Magna Cum Laude, Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting, Minor: Economics, Certified Public Accountant
Military/Community Service Koloa Plantation Days - President & Parade Coordinator, Kiwanis of Kauai - Board Member, Kauai Watershed Alliance - Member, East Kauai Soil & Water Conservation - Director
Campaign Phone (808) 652-5216
Campaign Email
I am running for office because I care about Kauai and its future. I was born and raised here. My core values and principles were shaped by this island through family, teachers, coaches, and community. I am humbled to have served on the council for the last 6 years and have thrived to maintain the delicate balance between growth and preserving our rural lifestyle. I will continue to bring homegrown sensibility and my business and accounting acumen to the County Council. I believe I can represent the people of Kauai and Niihau well because I am a regular, everyday Kauai resident who works hard and wants to make the best life for myself and my family. I think that is what most of us want at the end of the day.
Covid-19 has presented our county and the nation with challenging times ahead. Maintaining a fiscally responsible budget, while providing optimal public service will be extremely important. I chaired the past 6 budgets and am proud of the financial position our county is in. We have established a target for our reserve fund and have met that target for each budget. Maintaining this reserve fund is essential to dealing with the natural disasters and economic changes we have been experiencing. As a 4th generation farmer, I will continue to be a staunch supporter of local agriculture. Although it has been preached for years, we now see the important role our local farmers and ranchers play in providing food for the island.
Our national award winning general plan has done an excellent job of addressing climate change and sea level rise. I have and will continue to support legislation that aligns with the plan. Following smart growth principles and increasing density in town core areas attempts to encourage housing near jobs. This in turn reduces commuting traffic and in turn greenhouse gases.
Age 58
Education B.S. Business Administration University of the Pacific Stockton, CA The Kamehameha Schools Junior High & High School Honolulu, Hawai`i Immaculate Conception School Elementary Lihu`e, Kaua`i
Military/Community Service Housing & Intergovernmental Relations Committee Chair; Finance & Economic Development Committee Vice Chair; National Association of Counties Boardmember; Hawaiian Lending & Investments Founding Boardmember; Anahola Hawaiian Homes Association Vice President; Pi`ilani Mai Ke Kai Homeowners Association Treasurer; Homestead Community Development Corporation Advisory Boardmember; Sovereign Council of the Hawaiian Homestead Associations Advisory Boardmember
Campaign Phone (808) 652-3684
Campaign Email
Twitter @kipukai
I want to continue working hard for our people of Kaua`i and Ni`ihau. I’m especially proud of my work Budgeting Responsibly and Limiting Taxes. Responding to the extreme challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic makes my strength in fiscal matters even more important. I have thirty years’ experience in Government, Unions, Non-Profits and Community Organizations. On the Council, I’ve proven I’m hardworking and trustworthy; as well as demonstrated my dedication to public service, my legislative policy experience, my strength with budgeting, my understanding of the issues and my commitment to working collaboratively. More than anything, what qualifies me is the genuine concern I have for Kaua`i and Ni`ihau and my commitment to making a difference!
Fiscally Responsible Economic Recovery - Working closely with our Council, Mayor and Administration implementing the 45 Economic Recovery Strategy recommendations being developed with leaders from the different economic sectors in our community; also, ensuring the relief/stimulus funds are spent responsibly and optimally.

Building Affordable Homes & Rentals - Continue pushing for an "all hands on deck" approach with all levels of government, non-profits, private industry, community partners and individuals contributing. Continue working closely with our Council, Mayor and Administration on updates to our Housing Policy and other bills that further support and incentivize the building of homes, apartments, condos, duplexes and more.
Work closely with our Council, Mayor and Administration to build a culture of sustainability/resiliency ensuring our County is a leader in “going green”. Work with our Recycling Division to educate residents and businesses on the two additional R’s that go before the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle). "Redesign" products and services to produce less waste. "Refuse" items that will generate unnecessary rubbish. Work on bills that take advantage of innovations and new technologies like transitioning to an electric vehicle County fleet. Further develop, update and implement our 3-Year Climate Action Plan. Ensure that our land use, capital improvements and all our programming considers the statewide and county plans and policies in place.
Age 30
Education Columbia Southern University- Business
Campaign Phone (808) 651-6519

My name is Wally Nishimura, I am happily married and a father of 4. I grew up on Kula Mauu st and attended Kapaa Schools my entire life. After graduating high school I entered the hospitality industry and worked my way up to Assistant General Manager. I am currently employed with Hawaii Health Systems Corporation as The Regional Environmental Services Superintendent and the Regional Safety Officer.
1. Traffic 2. Fiscal responsibility
County of Kauai island wide recycling program
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